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G-Force Karts Summer Camp!

Summer Camp Rocks @ G-Force Karts In Richmond!

Our 4th annual Summer Camp at G-Force brought even more excitement, fun and new adventures! Below, we’ve outlined what you can expect every year from our amazing Summer Camp, like an example of a possible daily routine, hours and schedules, and how you can get started at Summer Camp with G-Force Karts in Richmond.

We do accept applications online, so if you know you’d like to sign up your child for Summer Camp 2018, contact G-Force Karts online or call us at (804) 228-0188 and we can get the ball rolling.

As with most all summer camps, our space is limited! We sold out in 2017, and we expect the same for 2018! We strongly encourage you to plan ahead! 

An Unforgettable Summer Camp Experience in Richmond

Summer camp at G-Force Karts offers a week-long experience for children (ages 8 and up) in Richmond! Our awesome summer camp includes daily activities, action packed competitions, snacks, drinks and of course championship competition!

Alongside tons of racing, NERF (new!), Virtual Reality (new!), Arcade (new!) archery tag and laser tag, our week-long camp also features other great activities, such as: water balloon contests, a G-Force tye-dye t-shirt creation event, Nintendo competitions, and more!

As mentioned above, our 2017 camp also included some new activities, including NERF, Virtual Reality and our Arcade!

We do not include lunch (we recommend a bagged lunch), but we do provide snacks and drinks all week long. If you have any questions about what is an appropriate bagged lunch for this type of camp, just call us and we can make a few suggestions!

If your child has special dietary needs, we will do everything in our power to accommodate (just contact us and we can figure out a suitable plan for your child).

2017 Summer Camp Schedule/Weeks

Check back next Summer!

We have not yet finalized our weeks available for 2018, but will post them on this page as soon as we do!  We usually offer anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks each summer.

General Summer Camp Drop Off/Pickup Times + Activities

Daily drop off time is 8am, and pick up time is 5pm. However, we’re more than happy to make special accommodations with work schedules!

On a daily basis (Monday through Friday), we mix and match routines and daily schedules to keep the kids excited and to keep the routine fresh.

In addition to our “Core Summer Camp” activities like go kart racing, NERF, laser tag, VR, Arcade Games, and archery tag we also offer different activities like tye-dying shirts, water balloon contests, hide and seek, instructional courses on the basics of go-kart operation and maintenance, trips to RIR, etc.

For each camp, we include a handful of surprises, and we tailor each camp to the dynamics of the group.

Costs, Age Restrictions, Etc.

  • $350 for a week per child
  • 6 child minimum, 16 child maximum per week (IE spaces are very limited!)
  • Children must be at least 8 years old

Plan For Summer Camp 2018!

Contact G-Force Karts online or call us at (804)228-0188 with questions or to learn more about what Summer Camp 2018 might hold in store for your child. Without a doubt, this is the most unique and exciting camp in Richmond!

Next summer, give your kid a summer adventure like nothing else. “Experience The Thrill of Racing” at summer camp, only at G-Force Karts!