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Hours: Mo-Th 12p-10p / Fri: 12p-12a / Sat: 10a-12a / Sun: 12p-9p

Check our daily calendar for special event closings


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Single Activity Pricing: 

KARTING: $19.95 (8 Minute Heat)

NERF: $13.00 (30 Minutes)

VIRTUAL REALITY: $10.95 ( 15 Minutes)

NERF RIVAL $10.00 (30 Minutes) 

LASER TAG: $10.00 (10 Minutes)

ARCHERY TAG: $10.00 (10 Minutes) 

Single Activity Upgrades: 


3 Karting Races: $51.00


30 Minutes: $19.95

60 Minutes; $37.95


60 Minutes: $20.00


3 NERF Rival Games: $24.00


3 Archery Tag Sessions: $24.00


3 Laser Tag Sessions: $24.00

Special Package Pricing: 

“OPS PASS” $29.95

NERF Rival (1x)

Laser Tag (1x)

$5 Arcade Card

Personal Pizza

Fountain Drink

“GAMER” $34.95 

Virtual Reality (1x)

Laser Tag (1x)

$5 Arcade Card

Personal Pizza

Fountain Drink

“GRAND PRIX” $49.95

Karting Races (2x)

Laser Tag (1x)

$10 Arcade Card

“EXPLORER” $49.95

Karting Race (1x)

Virtual Reality (1x)

Laser Tag (1x)

NERF Rival (1x)

$5 Arcade Card

“FAMILY 4 PACK” $99.00

NERF (4x)

Laser Tag (4x)

$20 Arcade Card

Large Pizza’

Fountain Drink

We also offer $15 races for all Active Duty and Non Active Duty Military, Fire, Police and EMS-all day/every day! You do not need a G-Force membership to get this discount, but you do need to show us your appropriate service ID or badge. This discount does not apply to dependents, family or friends. 

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Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the pricing at G-Force Karts! You can reach us online by filling out this form, you can call us at 804-228-0188, or you can send us a message on the G-Force Karts Facebook page.

Enjoy The G-Force Experience!