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Axe Throwing Rules and Scoring

You must be 21 years or older to participate in Axe Throwing!

Welcome to the hottest new attraction in the country! Axe Throwing is live at G-Force Karts, and you need to get up to Axe Alley ASAP to experience the thrill! While learning how to throw an axe is key, so is learning how to play in the first place! Below, we’ve outlined our Axe Throwing Rules and scoring for this incredibly fun new game. Read up!

Pre-Game Rules

Choosing the Lane

  • Players use Rock Paper Scissors to choose lane. The winner is the best 2 of 3, or player can cede the choice to the other player
  • Players get 3 practice throws before first match of the night;
  • Players get 1 practice throw before second match of the night.

Signalling Match Start

  • An Axe Alley official will signal the match start

Changing Target Wood

  • Any requests for a change of target wood must be made before competition begins

Standard Match Format

Every regulation match consists of 3 rounds.

  • Each round consists of 5 thrown axes per round;
  • The thrower must start with one foot on or behind the black line.
  • No player can finish a throw with any part of their body over the red line or they are disqualified from that throw
  • If an axe does not stick and stay in the target there is no score counted. The throw counts as a zero.
    • If there is a question of the score based on where the axe has landed, the official makes the final call on the score.
  • Player must win 2 of 3 rounds to win the match;
    • In regulation competition players always throw all three rounds even if one player has won the first two rounds;
    • Tracking of total points over 15 throws in all regulation matches is mandatory;
    • If a player wins the first round and ties the next 2 rounds this is still considered a match win as they have won the majority of the rounds in the match.
  • In the event of a tie-breaker, overtime rounds will continue until someone wins one


Heres how you score!

 Point Values

  • Bullseye: 5pts
  • Inside the red ring: 3 pts
  • The blue ring: 1 pt
  • The green circles are worth 7 pts (if called beforehand, and on the fifth/final throw of the match!)
    • Players must call that they are hitting the green circle before the final throw; no call, no points

Assessing a hit

  • The circle in which the majority of the blade is stuck is the circle that is counted
    • Except on green circle throws – if any part of the blade touches green, it counts
  • Any part of the blade edge that is not touching the wood is not counted
  • A throw is not counted if the axe drops out of the target wood

G-Force Match and Throwing Rules

  • Each Axe Alley Participant must hit the target wall with the first throw.  Hitting the side wall, the floor, close to the ceiling, or ceiling, or anywhere in any other lane is grounds for immediate removal from the Axe Alley Arena. We’re happy to help you learn how to throw an Axe, but you must bring some coordination and common sense with you!
  • Never touch the Axe Head or Blade.
  • Never hand an Axe to any other player.
  • After your throw sticks in the target, place your hand firmly on the axe handle and wiggle the axe up and down vertically to loosen the axe. This is the fastest and easiest way to remove it from the target.  Do not place your foot or any body part on the wall and pull straight back.
  • All axes are to remain in Axe Alley at all times. Removing any Axe from Axe Alley will result in dismissal from the facility.
  • Always follow all instructions from the Axe Alley Staff.

Now You Know the Basic Axe Throwing Rules… Time to Throw!

Axe Alley is live, and you’ve been briefed on G-Force’s Axe Throwing Rules. If you’re ready to throw all in on the skill game that is sweeping the country, you need to get up here!

Questions or concerns? Get in touch with us. You can reach us on Facebook, call us at 804-228-0188, or contact us online. Let’s get throwing!