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Please Note: We’ve moved, and this activity isn’t ready quite yet!

Our standards of excellence in entertainment are super high, hence why we are so focused on delivering only the best experience. Thank you for your patience!

Find Us At Our New Home:

800 East Laburnum Avenue (Gate 2)

Richmond, VA 23222

(At the Richmond Raceway Complex)

Remember the epic NERF battles of your youth? Remember how much fun you had? Want your kids to experience the same fun, but on a much larger scale? As always.. .G-Force Karts delivers a wall to wall, action packed experience like nothing else in RVA!

The NERF Experience at G-Force!

NERF battles are raging right now, indoors at G-Force Karts! We bring a massive arsenal of high tech guns, ammo, special equipment and barriers/obstacles to each and every battle!
Choose from highly accurate rifles, whistling football grenades, fully-auto chain guns and the most high tech guns on the market!

Before each match starts, each participant will enter the armory to pick their chosen weapon from our stocked cache! Each participant will also receive safety glasses (required) and a ready to stock ammo bag for reloading during game play.

Think we are exaggerating? Check out a sampling of the type of NERF guns your group will love:

Every battle takes place in our huge (padded and enclosed) indoor arena. With an interlocking foam floor pad, dozens of blown up (and safe) obstacles plus our new TANK centerpiece…every game is different!

NERF Game Modes

We can setup each game different with a variety of popular game modes. You pick the game mode and we do the rest! Our game modes include:

  • Capture The Flag(s): Capture the opponent team’s flags and bring them to the base. If you are shot with the flag in your hand you have to return it to your opponent and start again. The team to bring the majority of the flags back to their base first wins.
  • Domination: Dominate points in the arena by raising your flag vs the opposing teams flag. The team with the most flags of their team color raised when time is up wins the game. This is a timed game.
  • Mission Resupply: Collect game pieces in the arena and bring them back to your base without getting shot. The team who collects the most games pieces when time is called wins.
  • Point Game: Shoot more of your darts in the opposing teams goal than they can shoot into your goal. Sounds easy enough, right?
  • Freeze Dart Tag: Every player who is shot must freeze until a a team-mate tags them. If an entire team is frozen, the game is over. If time expires, the team with fewer players frozen wins.
  • Zombie Death Match. A classic “Man Vs Zombie” battle! Teams cannot cross the center line of the arena. Any player shot by a zombie turns into a Zombie and has to cross the team line to the Zombie team. Any player on the Zombie side shot in the head turns back into a human. The game is over when one side dominates and wins the battle for the human race!

NERF Rules

This activity at G-Force Karts is meant to be fun and fast paced, yet also safe.

Please make sure everyone in your group obeys all of the rules below at all times!

  • Once shot retreat back to base to be healed and re-spawn either by medic or counting to 10
  • Players not calling themselves out will receive a 30 second “time out” in the dead zone
  • Absolutely No:
    • aggressive play
    • shooting people in the face at close range
    • throwing down guns
    • hitting people with guns
    • intentionally damaging weapons
    • foul language
  • Play fair, play smart and aim well
  • Players can bring their own NERF guns but no outside ammo/darts allowed. Outside guns must be clearly marked! We do not provide batteries for outside guns.

NERF Birthday Parties Rock at G-Force!

With intense outdoor Karting, Laser Tag, and Archery Tag birthday packages, G-Force is known throughout Richmond as a premiere birthday party destination. Add on NERF and now our birthday party options and packages are seemingly end-less!

NERF birthday parties are particularly attractive for younger birthday party outings, for a few main reason

  • We supply all the guns, ammo and equipment!
    • The most common complaint when kids play NERF at home is that they run out of darts and the game play is boring. We provide the imaginative space for interactive intense game play in a safe environment.
  • You Save Huge! 
    • G-Force supplies all the equipment, darts, arena, game formats and staff to run the experience..all you have to do is bring the party and sit back and enjoy! If you were to buy even the “most basic” NERF guns with ammo for a 6 child birthday party at your house, your costs would easily exceed $250. As most parent’s know, this kind of equipment is not cheap! At G-Force, we supply the best equipment, unlimited ammo, a safe place to play, and the best interactive game play experience for all sorts of birthday parties here in Richmond.

Our NERF Birthday Party Packages:

  • All packages are priced on a “per person” basis
  • We require a minimum of 8 children and allow a maximum of 20
  • Minimum age to play is 5 years old!
  • Minimum age for Bazooka Ball is 8 years old!


  • 1st: 30 minutes of NERF play
  • 2nd: 30 minutes in the party room
  • 3rd: 30 minutes of NERF play
  • Designated party coordinator
  • Full equipment provided
  • Briefing on rules before playing plus a referee for each session
  • Multiple formats to choose from
  • Complimentary birthday invitations
  • Non exclusive use of the arena unless booked as an exclusive party


  • 1st: 30 minutes of NERF play
  • 2nd: 30 minutes in the party room
  • 3rd: 30 minutes of NERF play
  • Designated party coordinator
  • Full equipment provided
  • Briefing on rules before playing plus a referee for each session
  • Multiple formats to choose from
  • Complimentary birthday invitations
  • EXCLUSIVE use of the arena during the 60 minutes of play
    • Exclusive package valid for up to 16 children
    • Add $4 per child for Pizza, Soda, plates and cups

We also offer a number of different “Combination” birthday party packages, which include NERF but also our other activities like karting or lasertag.

Interested? Check out our Birthday Party Pricing and Packages page to see all of our options!



Contact G-Force Karts to Book A NERF Birthday Party Today!

If you are ready to book your NERF birthday party at G-Force, get in touch!

Call us today at (804) 228-0188 or fill out the birthday party request form to get the process started. You can also reach us online or on Facebook.

Keep in mind that our birthday party space and party room vvailability is limited. We recommend you plan as far in advance as possible, particularly if you are planning for a Saturday birthday party.