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Archery Tag

Please Note: We’ve moved, and this activity isn’t ready quite yet!

Our standards of excellence in entertainment are super high, hence why we are so focused on delivering only the best experience. Thank you for your patience!

Find Us At Our New Home:

800 East Laburnum Avenue (Gate 2)

Richmond, VA 23222

(At the Richmond Raceway Complex)

Ready for another absolutely pulse pounding adventure at G-Force Karts? Archery tag, a crazy-fun take on dodgeball is HERE!

Here’s How to Play Archery Tag

So how do you participate in our newest adventure? It’s simple: take your average dodgeball game, and add some projectile weapons, some obstacles, some high-stakes targets, and you’ve got a game of Archery Tag! There’s a much greater emphasis on marksmanship and team coordination, but if you’ve played a game of dodgeball, you’ll catch on pretty quick.

targetThe match starts when the two teams take their places on designated areas on either side of our indoor arena. Once the game warden yells out “GO!,” the mayhem begins! Both teams will rush to a quiver filled to the brim with arrows to fire at the other team. The goal is to eliminate the enemy team or knock out the five hard points on their base. Our indoor arena provides plenty of cover in the form of inflatable bunkers, so don’t get caught in the open unless you want to be on the receiving end of an arrow volley! When a player is struck with a well-aimed quarrel, they’re out… but if one of their teammates catches an arrow, they can come back in and continue the battle!

Safety First, Of Course!

Archery Tag® Arrows are 100% safe and absolutely non-painful when used with Archery Tag® Bows. We will not allow outside bows to be brought in or used. We require players to wear safety equipment and follow all  safety procedures when playing Archery Tag. Participant safety at G-Force, whether behind the wheel or behind the mask, is a no-compromise affair!

Archery Tag

We look forward to sharing your pulse-pounding Archery Tag adventure at G-Force Karts in Richmond VA! More questions? Check out the Archery Tag FAQ!

Archery Tag is perfect for birthday parties and corporate events! Get in touch if you’re interested in booking one. Call us today at (804) 228-0188 or contact G-Force Karts online for more info!

*Please note that participants must be at least 8 years of age to participate in Archery Tag.