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Unlimited Racing Nights at G-Force Karts are Back!

We’re all about listening to customer feedback to improve the ultimate racing experience. That means when you ask, we deliver. Every single time! So, on that note, we’re happy to announce… back by popular demand: Unlimited Racing Nights at G-Force Karts!

Unlimited Racing Nights at G-Force Karts

Here’s the deal: we’re all about making sure you guys have a great time when you’re up here. Every turn, every straightaway, every deal and every special is carefully constructed from feedback from our racers.

So when we get that feedback, we cherish it. The feedback we’ve overwhelmingly received is: that you guys want much more racing… and that’s all we needed to hear! Check out this deal:

Every Wednesday night, from 6p to 9p, you can race as much as you like for just $55. That means unlimited laps, unlimited heats, unlimited adrenaline, and unlimited fun! The only caveat is that you can’t combine this deal with other offers, and can’t split the races with anyone. Pretty standard stuff.

This was always one of our most popular deals with our hardcore crowd at the old track, and we’re happy to hook them up again at the new track.

Speaking of the new track, that’s somewhere else we’re continually improving! Check out one of our newest blogs to see the new track in all of its glory, and if you haven’t been here since we opened, some of our tweaks!

Oh, and one more thing: we’ve made a few other changes to our everyday bundle pricing as well, so we suggest you head on over to the Deals and Specials page and take advantage!

Questions? Get in Touch!

Look, the deal is pretty simple – $55 gets you 3 hours of unlimited racing on Wednesdays. The only question you should really have is, who’s coming with you?

However, we’re always happy to answer any and all other questions you have. Just give us a call at 804-228-0188, send us a message on Facebook, or fill out our contact form online.

Have (unlimited) fun, racers!

Summer Camp 2019

2019 Summer Camp at the new location!

This year is going to be the best summer camp yet… because it’s at our ultra-high speed outdoor racing track! While racing will be the main focus, we’ll have a ton of other activities planned that we will cater specifically to the week’s group makeup. We’ll have:

  • Tie Dye T-Shirts
  • Making Slime
  • Super Soaker Wars
  • Water Balloon Contests
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Soccer Games & Kick Ball Games
  • Pictures in Victory Lane
  • Pace Car Ride-Alongs
  • …and so much more!

Space is limited, and we’ve sold out every week, every year for the past 5 years. Reserve your spot today!

Summer Camp 2019 Weeks

2019 Summer Camp Available Weeks (as of today):

August 26th

Weeks book up fast, so be sure to reserve your spot ASAP. If your week is unavailable, we’ll work with you to find another one. However, keep in mind that we limit the group sizes to make sure the kids have the best time possible.

Summer Camp Drop Off/Pickup Times + Activities

Daily drop off time is 8am, and pick up time is 5pm.

On a daily basis (Monday through Friday), we’ll switch up the routine and throw in a few surprises to keep the experience fresh!

We do NOT provide lunch – you will need to send your young one in with a packed lunch.If your child has special dietary needs, just let us know. We’ll do what we can to help!

Costs and Height/Age Minimums

$399 per child 

  • 6 child minimum, 16 child maximum per week
  • Children must be at least 54 inches tall. We recommend your son or daughter be at least 10 years old..

Book Your Kids Summer Camp Experience!

So what are you waiting for?! This is one of the most popular summer camps in Richmond, and reservations for book up extremely fast! Reserve your spot now!

To get started, call us at 804-228-0188 or contact us online!

We look forward to delivering an amazing summer camp experience like nothing else in Richmond. This summer, help your kids “Experience The Thrill of Racing” in an authentic and fast-paced outdoor racing environment, only at G-Force Karts!

Views from the New Track

It’s been a few months since we opened our awesome new outdoor racing track at the Richmond Raceway Complex, and we’ve had an absolute blast so far! The track is much longer, then karts are faster, and the overall racing experience is better. Our launch hasn’t been without a few speed bumps (we’re looking at you, weekend rainstorms), but in all we’d have to call it a success.

As they say, though: pictures and videos are worth a thousand words. Check out some views from the new track below!

VIP Night Hype Video

Before we closed our old location, we had a fun contest: the top 100 fastest racers in the final month before we moved would earn themselves a free VIP night at the new track.

As you can see, these guys loved the new experience. These folks are our die-hards… the guys you will be challenging month-in and month-out for the fastest lap times. So if you wanna go fast? Be like them!

Pictures from the track

Track updates/What’s to Come

As always, we place a very high value on the feedback from our racers. We’ve been listening, and it’s been invaluable so far for improving the new track. Since opening, we’ve updated our hours (see the new hours here) and relaunched everyone’s favorite special, 3 for $39 on Thursdays. The experience will continue to evolve. We have plans to reveal new experiences and accommodations when the time is right.

The New Track is a Huge Hit!

As you can see, the experience is much different these days! However, it still maintains what you’ve come to love G-Force for and that’s an authentic, adrenaline pumping, ultra-high speed racing experience.

If you haven’t checked out the new track yet… what are you waiting for? Come down, get to practicing, and then set your new personal best lap times!

Questions about the new experience? Get in touch! You can reach us on Facebook, contact us online, or just give us a ring at 804-228-0188!

We’re Open!

Our New Outdoor Track is NOW OPEN!

G-Force Karts Opened our “High Speed” outdoor karting track at the Richmond Raceway Complex on 4/12/2019! 

Our new address is:
G-Force Karts
800 E.Laburnum Avenue (Gate 2)
Richmond VA 23222

Update: We’ve received a huge response… and a lot of questions! Check out our New Location FAQ for many of the answers you are looking for!

After an amazing 17 years here at our long time home, we’ve moved across the street!

Our huge new outdoor track, called (appropriately) “High Speed,” on the Richmond Raceway Complex grounds, delivers an amazing an intense high racing adventure! We still offer amazing corporate team building events, birthday parties and “walk in” daily fun..just on a faster, longer and more exciting track!

Thank you for your continued support, ideas and feedback.  We’ve learned, adapted, upgraded, and delivered you Richmond’s thrill seekers with the best, most authentic experiences….. and now, we’re stepping up to a totally different level.

Follow us on our next adventure! 

The New “High Speed’ Outdoor Track at the Richmond Raceway Complex

60 MPH Go-Karts! 

Our new outdoor track is twice as large as our long time indoor track, with karts driving up to 60 MPH (vs our current karts which are rated at 45 MPH).

What does this all mean? The fastest, most authentic racing experience is now faster and even more authentic!

For all of you fans of our other entertainment activities, you’ll be excited as well. We’re working to bring over our most popular activities, upgraded, throughout the fall this year and into next year.

From our long time owner Jason Yarema:

“We always tell our customers that if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward… this next adventure for us is certainly moving forward! We can’t wait to deliver this crazy intense racing experience. It’s truly the opportunity of a lifetime.”

You already know we’re “all in” on delivering a crazy fun, crazy intense all around experience. When the team from the Richmond Raceway presented the opportunity for us to build a faster, bigger and more intense outdoor racing experience on their sprawling property…..we just couldn’t pass it up!

Follow Us On Our Next Adventure

This is a new chapter for us, 17 years in the making. We must thank each and every one of your for your continued support and loyalty….without you, we would never be able to undertake this ambitious a challenge.

We can’t wait to hear you feedback on our amazing new experience!

Stay up to speed on our “High Speed” outdoor karting track, our new karts, pricing, timelines and more by contacting us online, calling us at 804-228-0188, or messaging us us on Facebook.

#ExperienceTheThrill #EveryDayIsRaceDay

G-Force Karts: Richmond’s Perfect Rainy Day Getaway!

This time of year can be a drag. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, and Valentine’s day have come and gone, and all that’s left is the cold and the rain. Fortunately, you don’t have to let it get you down! G-Force Karts offers the perfect, all natural, rain-free, remedy for Richmond’s Rainy Day blues… a shot of adrenaline, straight to the veins!

Indoor, High-Speed Racing, Laser Tag, Arcade, NERF, and More!

G-Force has a ton of great activities, for adrenaline junkies of all ages… and our entire facility is fully indoors! Bring your kids, bring your date, and bring your skills, because everyone has something to do at G-Force.

Karting: indoor karting track features the fastest and most authentic (gas-powered karts only!) racing experience in Richmond.

Laser Tag: A tactical, exciting shooting experience featuring awesome weapons and gear – no lugging around heavy packs and clunky laserpistols in our arena!

Arcade: We’ve got a great variety of the classic arcade games, and plenty of ways to earn tickets for in-house prize redemption. Great for downtime in between laser tag matches and heats!

NERF: Ever wanted to have a full-on NERF war with your buddies? Now you can! Our NERF arena features an arsenal of NERF weapons to choose from. A kid’s favorite!

Archery Tag: Skill and precision dominate in archery tag, which plays a bit like dodgeball. With real bows and arrows (foam tipped and completely safe), you’ll have to channel your inner archer to come away with a win.

Food and Drink: We have an in-house traditional pizza oven, kitchen, fully stocked fridge, soda fountain, and beers (both craft and domestic). Whether you’re thirsty or hungry (or just celebrating a victory!), we’ve got you covered.

Escape Richmond’s Rainy Day Blues – Get Up to G-Force Karts!

So, think of G-Force the next time you’re stuck with a rainy day here in Richmond…. or really any time you want to have a bunch of fast paced fun!

Questions? Want to know more? Just get in touch! Call us at 804-228-0188, follow us on Facebook, or contact us online!

Experience The Thrill of Racing” at G-Force Karts!

Gasoline Karts: The Authentic Racing Experience!

If you are reading this, you probably already know that G-Force Karts is known throughout Richmond for our incredibly high powered indoor gas karts, apocalypse-themed lasertag arena, and Richmond’s only NERF experience!

What you might not know is why we run gasoline powered go karts, in comparison with the option of running electric go karts.  Just like with your automobile, there can be a substantial difference in how a gas kart vs. electric kart rides, feels, performs and lasts.  With top Super-Karts speeds of up 45 miles per hour, all of our huge fleet of gasoline powered karts will truly test your ability to skillfully navigate a well oiled machine around an indoor race track laced with hairpin turns! That being said, both gas and electric karts are, without question, tons of fun. However, for us, there are some key sticking points as to why, just like the big boys in Nascar or IndyCar, we choose to run gas powered karts!


Extended Fire Sale (Through 12/31)


Christmas has come and gone, and we hope it was a great one for all of you! However, if you didn’t get what you REALLY wanted (The Holiday Fire Sale deal!), we’ve got your back!

We believe in second chances, so we’re keeping a couple of our Fire Sale Offers live until Dec 31st… so get in on the best deal in karting while you still can!

This Fire Sale Deal ends forever on the 31st!

With huge savings on karting, and great deals for the family, the Holiday Fire Sale is always a huge hit. However, sometimes you gotta quit while you’re ahead! So, this is the last leg of the final lap for this Fire Sale deal. We’ve got two deals left, and both offer incredible value!

14 races for $99: You read that right! A normal race at G-Force Karts for $19.95, so this deal represents savings of $180 total! This is a perfect gift for your hard core racing enthusiast!

Click here to purchase the 14 races for $99 Fire Sale Deal

5 Races for $50: While the best value is in the 14 race package, you’re still saving a ton of money and getting a great deal with our 5 for 50 deal. In fact – you’re saving $50! The perfect stocking stuffer! 

Click here to purchase the 5 races for $50 Fire Sale Deal

Buy Your Holiday Fire Sale Deals Now!

As you can see, these deals are hot! That’s why we call it the Fire Sale!

Keep in mind – there are limited quantities of each deal available, so don’t be left in the cold! If you’re ready to purchase, click the links below each deal to buy your Holiday Fire Sale deal!

Important: There is a restriction on these deals:

  • THESE Deals are only valid for redemption after Jan.1, 2019

If you have any questions about our very last Holiday Fire Salecontact us online or give us a call at 804-228-0188.

Happy New Year! We look forward to another great year at G-Force Karts!

Holiday Fire Sale 2018 – The Final Lap!

It’s Holiday season, and you know what that means! Your chance to save on the the BEST DEAL OF THE YEAR on the most authentic racing (and more) is HERE!

Our Holiday Fire Sale is live… and it’s our last one ever!!!

Every year, right around Thanksgiving, our customers start asking about the Fire Sale. Since we started this awesome deal, it’s been a favorite… and for good reason! With huge savings on karting, and great deals for the family, it’s always a huge hit… but sometimes you gotta quit while you’re ahead… so this is the last year of the Fire Sale!

Huge Discounts on Racing

If you can’t get enough of the authentic, gas powered, high-intensity, white knuckle racing experience at G-Force, this deal is for you! We offer three Fire Sale deals for karting, each one featuring incredible value.

14 races for $99: You read that right! A normal race at G-Force Karts for $19.95, so this deal represents savings of $180 total! This is a perfect gift for your hard core racing enthusiast!

Click here to purchase the 14 races for $99 Fire Sale Deal

5 Races for $50: While the best value is in the 14 race package, you’re still saving a ton of money and getting a great deal with our 5 for 50 deal. In fact – you’re saving $50! The perfect stocking stuffer! 

Click here to purchase the 5 races for $50 Fire Sale Deal

9 Instant Races for $99: Unlike the other two packages, these racing credits are redeemable immediately! Don’t wait til Jan 1st to cash in on this great deal!

Click here to purchase the 9 instant races for $99 Fire Sale Deal

Buy Your Holiday Fire Sale Deals Now!

As you can see, these deals are hot! That’s why we call it the Fire sale!

Keep in mind – there are limited quantities of each deal available, so don’t be left in the cold! If you’re ready to purchase, click the links below each deal to buy your Holiday Fire Sale deal!

Important: There is a restriction on these deals:

  • THE 14 for $99 and 5 for $50 Deals are only valid for redemption after Jan.1, 2019

  • This is the last year of the Fire Sale!

If you have any questions about our very last Holiday Fire Salecontact us online or give us a call at 804-228-0188.

Happy Holidays!

New Daily Specials at G-Force

You can feel it in the air! The days are getting colder and shorter. Leaves are falling. It can only mean one thing: that the warm days of summer are at an end! No need for despair though: we’ve got your back! We’ve listened to fan feedback about what you guys want, and we think you’re gonna love what we have in store… which is a handful of new daily specials!

Without further ado… presenting G-Force’s new daily specials, one each day of the week that G-Force is open!

Thursday: 3 for $39 (5p-9p)New Daily Specials - Thursday

One of the best deals in karting is live,  every Thursday from 5p-9p! Bring a few friends up to the track and enjoy 3 high-speed races for just $39.. a savings of 35%!

Friday: Free Five Friday! (1pm-11pm)

For those of you who want to enjoy more than just one activity at G-Force, Friday is the day for you! Here’s the deal: Buy a race and a laser tag adventure anytime on Friday, and we’ll throw in a $5 arcade card on the house!

Saturday: Buy Two, Get One Free! (10am– Noon)

Saturday features another great, morning deal at G-Force! Buy 2 races between 10am and noon, get one free. Short, sweet, simple… and a ton of fun!

Sunday: Backwards Track (12pm – 9pm)


A fan favorite – race the G-Force track backwards all day long at no additional cost!

Want to know more about our New Daily Specials? Get in Touch!

We think you’re going to love this Fall and Winter’s new Daily specials! After all, you’ll be getting more of the G-Force experience that you love, for less!

For more information, get in touch: reach out on Facebook, on the website, or just give us a call at 804-228-0188!  Sometimes our track will be totally, rented out by corporate events, so be sure to check the calendar before heading up!

We look forward to seeing you at G-Force Karts this cold season!

Company Holiday Party Ideas

Planning a company holiday party can be a difficult task! We know how much of a challenge you might face in coming up with an exciting company Thanksgiving or Christmas party idea. It’s gotta be one that everyone at your office will enjoy! It is important to throw a successful company holiday party to boost morale at the end of a long year and to show appreciation for your employees.

We’ll make it easy for you – this year, host your holiday corporate event at G-Force Karts!

Not Just Another Holiday Party!

We can’t stress enough the importance of getting way from the “norm” as far as the venue for your holiday party. Don’t throw the typical, boring company holiday party at the office. A few casseroles and “adult beverages” will not spice this office party up any more than last year. Do something different… book an event at the best part venue in Richmond… G-Force Karts!

During October, November, and December, places like G-Force get slammed busy with Holiday parties, so if you are considering a venue like ours, we highly recommend you plan ahead this year!

Now call us biased but in our experience, one of the most successful unique office party ideas is renting out a room or venue at a facility where your employees can engage in activities together — like G-Force Karts! Nice dinners are appreciated but employees can let loose and have fun by participating in competitive go-karting races, laser tag challenges, NERF/NERF Rivals, the arcade, and archery tag! Where else can you have this kind of experience?

At G-Force Karts, we tailor company holiday parties to meet your expectations and fit your company’s needs. You can rent out a corporate room or rent out the entire track for the night to make the event exclusive for your employees. We even offer trophies for titles such as, “Best Driver”, “Worst Driver”, or we can customize an experience completely unique to your company outing.

Team Building Games

Team building is a vital factor to consider when planning your company’s annual holiday party. Without a doubt this party is NOT about work but at the same time, holiday parties do present an opportunity for team building. Integrating team-building games into your office Thanksgiving or Christmas party can help boost excitement level among your employees while celebrating the holidays.

Company Holiday PartyAt G-Force Karts, team building is an integral part of our corporate party experience. We incorporate any company ideas for team building games into our corporate event packages, based on what you feel works best. While we can’t change our activities, we can tailor them to fit your needs. At the end of the day, at G-Force Karts the name of the game is fun!

Although your previous company holiday parties might not have been something to boast about, you can change that this year! Throwing your company holiday party at G-Force can help your office break away from the standard, forgettable Christmas party. Let your employees know you appreciate them and rent out a room at G-Force Karts for this year’s company holiday party!

Contact Our Corporate Sales Manager Today about your Company Holiday Party!

Are you ready to throw a raging fun office Christmas party this year? Request a quote today! You can contact Kim Yarema directly at (804) 901-1464, kimyarema@gforcekarts.com or on Facebook. Book your corporate group outing at G-Force Karts today! Please remember: Fall is a very busy time of year at G-Force. This is especially true for company holiday parties and team building events. If you think we fit your needs, please plan ahead!

League Night!

**The 2018 League Racing Season is Over!**

League Night at G-Force Karts is crazy intense!

League Night

This event features a great deal on racing and an awesome, fair, and competitive race format. Be sure to sign up next season!

Final Adjusted Points Standings!

PositionRacer NamePoints
1tom SK1225
2Kris Thomas SK1215
3john SK1180
4Jack Meeker SK1165
5Skippy SK1115
6Arcus Cloud SK1110
8Derrick Self- sk915
9Bandit SK905
10Torp SK900
11Paul Austin SK875
12Flying 2 SK550
13James Stewart SK445
15Patriot SK415
16Jonah SK330
17Green Machine SK275
19Mike Wazowski …240
20GSRacing SK190
21K3 SK185
24Racer 04 X SK150
25DrFrisker SK135
26Tj SK135
27Jacob C SK110
29JOwen SK105
31DessB SK105

The winner of this competition can truly call themselves #TheFastest!

The Details:



  • $50 (paid ahead of time, $55 paid night of) for 3 special format races.

Racing Format

League night features a balanced and exciting competition format. We’ve set it up this way to ensure that it’s the driver, not the kart, that is #TheFastest!

  • Drivers are assigned a kart through a random drawing
  • Each driver will enter their karts and run a 25 lap practice and qualifying race that will determine starting position
  • Drivers line up in staggered positioning for a standing start
  • The race starts and they run 25 laps to the finish
  • Winner is determined by position not best lap
  • At the end of first race, drivers pull into the pits for a 5 min break
  • Drivers invert karts based on final position in the second race
  • Each driver’s finishes in the two competition races are averaged to determine the winner!

As you can see, it’s going to be competitive!

Remaining League Night Dates

This season is over!  Keep an eye out for the details regarding the next season!

Sign Up For League Night

If you’re interested in joining us on the third Thursday of each month for League Night, get in touch! We need a minimum of 7 pre-registered, pre-paid racers each week for league night, and we ask that you sign up as far ahead of time as possible so that we can plan ahead. You can do so by getting in touch with G-Force at 804-228-0188 during normal business hours, by contacting us online, or by messaging us on Facebook. We prefer a call though, and pre-payment saves you $5!

We look forward to relaunching league night, and we look forward to finding out who is #TheFastest!

Spring Break Camp 2018 at G-Force!

We are super excited to host our first-ever Spring Break Camp this year! With all of the things that have made our Summer camp a smash hit, such as Racing, NERF, Archery Tag, Virtual Reality, Laser Tag, and more… this is the most thrilling way possible to spend your spring break!

Just one week of fun!

  • April 2nd to April 6th

Spring Break camp runs at $350 for the week (if you book before March 15th, $399 if you book after), per child. Kids must be at least 8 years old to participate. We’ll require at least 6 kids to run spring break camp, and we cap the maximum number of kids allowed at 16. We want to give you the most “bang for your buck,” which is why we limit the max number at 16!

What to Expect

Spring Break camp at G-Force features NERF, archery tag, the VR experience laser tag, tons of fun in the arcade, as well as other great activities, such as: arts and crafts, water balloon contests, a G-Force tie-dye t-shirt creation event, Nintendo competitions, and more! There are so many things to do!

We do not include lunch (we recommend a bagged lunch), but we do provide snacks and drinks all week long. If you have any questions about what is an appropriate bagged lunch for this type of camp, just call us and we can make a few suggestions!

If your child has special dietary needs, we will do everything in our power to accommodate (just contact us and we can figure out a suitable plan for your child).

Book The Spring Break Camp Experience!

So what are you waiting for?! This is sure to be an unforgettable week of fun… and reservations will book up extremely fast! Reserve your spot now!

To get started, call us at 804-228-0188 or contact us online!

We look forward to having your kids “Experience The Thrill of Racing” in an authentic and fast-paced environment, only at G-Force Karts!

Last Call for the Holiday Fire Sale!

Last CallMan, the holidays blew by fast! Christmas is over, and if you didn’t find what you wanted under the tree this year (a holiday fire sale card)… we got your back! We’ve extended the Holiday Fire Sale until midnight on New Years Eve. You have until 2018 to cash in on the year’s best deal on Karting and fun at G-Force, but this is last call. Miss it now, and you’ll have to wait until Christmas of next year to get the best deal in karting!

The Holiday Fire Sale

If this is your first time hearing about these great deals, you must have been hiding under a rock. However, lets go over the details one more time for you late-comers!

Single Racer Deals

14 races for $99: You read that right! A normal race at G-Force Karts for $19.95, so this deal represents savings of $180 total! This is a perfect gift for your hard core racing enthusiast!

Click here to purchase the 14 races for $99 Fire Sale Deal

5 Races for $50: While the best value is in the 14 race package, you’re still saving a ton of money and getting a great deal with our 5 for 50 deal. In fact – you’re saving $50! The perfect stocking stuffer! 

Click here to purchase the 5 races for $50 Fire Sale Deal

Family Deals

Holidays are all about family, and with all the great activities we have at our facility, so is G-Force! Racing, Arcade, VR, Laser Tag, NERF make this the perfect place to bring your better half or all of your loved ones. We’ve got some great deals this holiday season for you and your kin, too!

Family Four Pack for $99: What’s better than taking out the whole family for some fun and food? This deal features 4 races and 4 laser tag games to be split among your family, 4 soft drinks, and a large pizza cooked right here in-house at our authentic pizza kitchen. The Family Four Pack is perfect for the whole crew!

Click here to purchase the Family Four Pack for $99 Deal!

Trip for Two for $70: Date Night has never been so fun! For $70, you get 2 races and 2 laser tag games to split, $20 with of arcade credits, a delicious large ( hand tossed) pizza cooked in-house in our authentic pizza kitchen plus 2 fountain drinks. This is ideal for a night on the town with your lady (or man)! 

The Fine Print

  • Deals are only valid for redemption STARTING Jan.1, 2018

  • The two Racing Fire Sale deals (14 for $99 and 5 for $50) are for one person only. IE – they cannot be split.

Last Call

Just like on the track, you gotta be fast! This is the last call for this deal. Get in touch if you have any questions! You can call us at 804-228-0188, contact us online, or send us a message on Facebook.

Have a Happy New Year!


Corporate Party Ideas from G-Force Karts

This year, be the office hero: book a different kind of holiday season corporate party! Forget the meat and cheese trays, the cheap drinks and the uncomfortable banter with your boss’s wife. Do something different! Do something memorable! Have fun!

Why Choose G-Force For Your Corporate Party?

For years, we’ve perfected the art of the perfect corporate team building event and the perfect birthday party. From huge office parties to small mom and pop team outings, we’ve got the space, the entertainment, the experience and the perfect setting to make sure this year’s event is like nothing you’ve ever done.

We highly encourage those of you considering a corporate holiday party at G-Force to call Kim Yarema (our sales director) at (804) 901-1464 or to email Kim ASAP!  We only have so many hourly or nightly rentals we can offer, and this time of year our demand sky rockets for team building!

What’s There to do at G-Force? 

Many of our past clients aren’t aware of all the upgrades and continual improvements we’ve undertaken over the past few years. Truth is, our facility has never delivered a more action packed, well planned and outstanding facility rental experience than right now. Take a look at all the awesome packages we offer below!


We also have a brand-new, authentic pizza kitchen, which is new as of this summer! To top it all off, we happily serve beer! Don’t underestimate how important a cold beverage can be at a corporate party, but remember: don’t be that guy. You know what we’re talking about! We encourage you to have a cold one, but only after you race, hit the VR simulator, spend some time at the arcade, or battled in the laser tag arena. Our indoor activities are intense and require some level of focus. Act like an adult.

So when you think about G-Force Karts, remember that we now offer so much more than just Richmond’s fastest and most authentic racing experience. With indoor karting, NERF, a huge apocalypse themed lasertag arena, the VR experience, and our brand new arcade, we have an action packed and thrilling experience for every type of employee!

Learn more about our corporate events!

Create Your Own Adventure at G-Force Karts!

Can’t decide as to which holiday season package best suits your corporate party needs? No worries! We are happy to walk you through the details, ask you a few questions, and customize a package that best suits your needs. We welcome the opportunity to make your holiday corporate party something you’ll never forget.

Call Kim at (804) 901-1464, email her, or fill out a corporate event request online to get started!

Zombie Battle Nights!

Zombie Battle NightOur June “Black Ops”style Laser Tag competition was such a huge hit that we figured….why not keep the fun rolling throughout the summer? We asked you (our customers) what kind of laser tag event you wanted, and we heard from a ton of customers who love our “Zombie/Infection” game mode! You asked for it, and we delivered with our new “Zombie Battle Night” laser tag event!

Zombie Battle Night at G-Force Karts

The objective is simple – kill the zombies and don’t get killed. Once the zombie kills you, you become part the zombie hoard!

At the start of the round, one of your comrades will be infected with the zombie virus, and mutate into the Alpha Zombie! The Alpha will attempt to kill the other players, and each soldier that falls victim to the Alpha is reanimated as a zombie themselves!

The soldiers, armed only with shotguns, will try to fend off the growing zombie horde. You get points for each kill, and the round ends once everyone has been infected. You automatically win the match if you survive the whole 10 minute round!

Can you survive the dangerous zombie infection?


Pay attention, soldier! Here is what you need to know about Zombie Battle Nights at G-Force Karts:

Who: Open to solo players and groups… but we recommend you roll with a crew to increase your chances of survival! Just be warned – if your friends get infected… you’ll have to take them down!

What: Zombie Battle Nights!

Where: The now zombie-infested G-Force Karts Laser Tag Arena.

When: Friday Nights from 8p-11p

Why: Kill zombies. Win prizes. Have fun! It’s a great deal on most thrilling laser tag experience with the most sophisticated laser tag equipment in Richmond

The cost is $45 per player, which includes all-you-can-play plus a FREE $5 arcade card. After all, you’ll need at least a few minutes of R&R between battles with the living dead!

Get In On The Fun!

Play your role in protecting mankind from the crazy Zombie Infestation at G-Force Karts this Summer!

Head up to G-Force on Friday nights at 8pm and take down as many zombies as you can… just make sure that you don’t become one yourself!

Call G-Force Karts at (804) 228-0188, send us a message on Facebook, or contact us online if you have any questions!

Kids Summer Camp 2017 at G-Force!

Summer camp is BACK! Reserve a spot at the best Kids Summer Camp in Richmond, only at G-Force Karts!

We are super excited to host our Fourth annual kids summer camp, featuring thrills, games, competition and intense fun! Your kids will experience experience the thrill of Racing, NERF, Archery Tag, Virtual Reality, Laser Tag, and more in a fun and challenging environment.

We have 5 remaining open weeks of summer camp, which we’ve outlined below.

Available Kids Summer Camp Weeks for 2017

  • July 17th-21st
  • July 24th-28th
  • August 7th-11th
  • August 14th-18th
  • August 21st-25th

We offer a limited number of reservations for each week, so trust us when we say that smart parents plan ahead!

Kids Summer Camp

What’s New For 2017

Summer camp at G-Force features NERF, archery tag and laser tag, as well as other great activities, such as: arts and crafts, water balloon contests, a G-Force tie-dye t-shirt creation event, Nintendo competitions, and more! So what’s new at G-Force? We’re glad you asked!

We are excited to announce that 2017’s summer camp will be the first to feature our all new VR experience! It will be hard to peel the kids away from this cutting-edge virtual adventure!

But that’s not all! This will also be the first summer camp that includes full access to our brand new arcade! This isn’t just a couple machines, either – it’s a real-deal arcade, full of the newest games as well as the classics.

There is more great activities this year than ever before!

We do not include lunch (we recommend a bagged lunch), but we do provide snacks and drinks all week long. If you have any questions about what is an appropriate bagged lunch for this type of camp, just call us and we can make a few suggestions!

If your child has special dietary needs, we will do everything in our power to accommodate (just contact us and we can figure out a suitable plan for your child).

This year’s kids summer camp runs at $350 per week, per child. Kids must be at least 8 years old to participate. We require at least 6 kids per week in order to run summer camp, and we cap the maximum number of kids allowed per week at 16. We want to give you the most “bang for your buck,” which is why we limit the max number at 16.

Book Your Kids Summer Camp Experience!

So what are you waiting for?! This is one of the most popular summer camps in Richmond, and reservations for book up extremely fast! Reserve your spot now!

To get started, call us at 804-228-0188 or contact us online!

We look forward to delivering an amazing summer camp experience like nothing else in Richmond. This summer, help your kids “Experience The Thrill of Racing” in an authentic and fast-paced environment, only at G-Force Karts!


Summer “Black Ops” Laser Tag Series!

Black Ops Laser Tag Tournaments in June!

Lock and Load! You asked for something unique for Tactical Laser Tag this summer, and G-Force delivers!

We’re thrilled to launch our 4 week “Black Ops” Laser Tag tournament in June, featuring a new game mode each week, prizes for the winning team, discounts on laser tag + pizza and of course…crazy intense fun!

Black Ops Laser Tag Tournament at G-Force!

Black Ops Schedule + Details

  • Every Friday in June (6/09, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30) from 8 to 11pm at G-Force Karts
  • Cost: $45 Per Player, includes all laser tag + pizza + drinks
  • Each Team must have a minimum of 4 players, maximum of 8
  • Games are round robin style, so each team plays against each other
  • Four Game Modes:
    • Week 1: Team Death Match (6/9)
    • Week 2: Domination (6/16) 
    • Week 3: Protect the V.I.P. (6/23)
    • Week 4: Capture the Flag (6/30)

Week 1: Team Death Match (Friday June 9th)

Weapons: Sub Machine Gun + Pistol

Game Length: 8 Minutes Per Game

Respawn: After 10 Seconds

Game Rules: Your object is simply to kill the opposing team. If you are killed, you health recovers after 10 seconds. Two teams only.

How You Win: First Team to 50 Kills or Most Kills at End of Game

Prize: $10 Arcade Gift Card Per Player on Winning Team

WEEK 2: Domination (FRIDAY JUNE 16TH)

Weapons: Assault Rifle + Pistol

Game Length: 8 Minutes Per Game

Respawn: After 10 Seconds

Game Rules: Both teams start in the neutral (white) area. Your team must shoot a domination box until it turns from neutral to your team color (Blue or Red). When capturing the opposing teams box, you must first shoot it to neutral and then shoot more to change to your teams color. 4 total domination boxes

How You Win: First Team to 100 Points

Prize: $10 Arcade Gift Card Per Player on Winning Team

WEEK 3: protect the v.i.p (FRIDAY JUNE 23rd)

Normal Player Weapons: Burst Rifle + Pistol

VIP Weapons: Sniper Rifle + Shotgun

Game Length: 8 Minutes Per Game

Respawn: After 10 seconds for Normal Players, VIP must be healed by Normal Player to respawn

Game Rules: Your object is to kill the opposing VIP to win! Normal players have 10 second health recovery, but the VIP must be healed by a normal player if shot (normal players have medic ability from their weapon).

How You Win: First Team to 100 Points

Prize: $10 Arcade Gift Card Per Player on Winning Team


Weapons: Sub Machine Gun + Pistol

Game Length: 8 Minutes Per Game

Respawn: At Your Base Only

Game Rules: You must capture the flag before the opposing team. If you are killed you must respawn at your appointed base (either Blue or Red).

Winning Team: First Team to Capture the Flag 3 Times

Prize: $10 Arcade Gift Card Per Player on Winning Team


Get Your Team Ready for Black Ops at G-Force!

Please sign up in advance by calling us at (804) 228-0188 or contacting G-Force online!

You can show up and play but we only have room for so many teams and players. If you know you want to get in on the action, sign up now!

Friday nights in June just got crazy intense, at G-Force Karts!


$25 Race Weekend Special (April 27-30)

Race Weekend is Here – So Is A Great Racing Combo Deal at G-Force!

Spring Race Weekend in RichmondRace weekend at RIR in Richmond is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year for race fans!

The NASCAR Xfinity Series race is Saturday (the Toyota Care 250) and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race is Sunday (Toyota Drivers 400!) As they say… “Chaos is at Every Corner!”

Speaking of “CHAOS,” G-Force is running a chaotic racing combo special in honor of our favorite spring event, from Thursday 4/27 to Sunday 4/30: For just $25, get 1 Race, 1 Personal Pizza and 1 Fountain Drink!

race weekend

Our New Pizza Kitchen!

Why are we offering this sweet racing + pizza combination deal? Well, first of all – obviously, we just love racing! You always hear us talk about the “THRILL OF RACING,” so why not offer you an incentive to race at G-Force while the big boys are in town?

Second, we’d like to introduce all of our fans to our brand NEW PIZZA KITCHEN!

We now offer pizza in-house at G-Force, along with chicken wings. We fresh bake each and every personal pizza and large pizza right inside what used to be our cafe/snack bar. Our primary goal is to get our fans to taste our pizza and give us feedback on how much you love it, how we can improve, and what other food options you’d like to see from us!

Your feedback is crucial to our continued success and growth, whether specific to our experiences, our food, our staff or otherwise.

All we ask of you is your honest feedback. How is the pizza? Would you order another pizza from us? What other food options should we consider?

This excellent deal is available only from Thursday the 27th through Sunday the 30th at G-Force Karts.

Race Up To G-Force For Our Special $25 Race Weekend Offer!

We hope you have a great time at the races!

We are excited to offer this awesome deal all weekend long. If you’re not familiar with G-Force Karts, we’re right across the street from Richmond International Raceway.

If you have any questions about our $25 race weekend special, call us at (804) 228-0188 or contact us online!

Reminder To All The Tailgaters: If you consume alcoholic beverages before you arrive, you will not be permitted to race at G-Force Karts. Our indoor karts go extremely fast, so this is for your own safety! Thank you for your understanding.

G-Force Karts is the Best Birthday Party Idea!

Birthday Party IdeaIf you’re looking for the best birthday party idea for your kids in Richmond, you’ve come to the right place! G-Force Karts prides ourselves on offering the absolute best birthday party experience in the city. With our huge selection of unique, challenging, and down right fun activities, there’s something for kids of all ages! Keep reading to find out why we think having your kid’s birthday at our place is an awesome birthday party idea!

A Huge Selection of Fun Activities

G-Force isn’t just a kart racing track. We pride ourselves on offering the best entertainment experience possible to the widest audience imaginable! That’s why G-Force offers 5 exciting activities to choose from, including:


Our most popular attraction, and for good reason! Our high-speed karts fly around our tightly tuned racetrack at speeds you didn’t think possible! After the race, you’ll receive full printouts of your lap times so you can crown a birthday winner!

Laser Tag

We’ve revolutionized our laser tag experience, and there’s really only one word we can use to describe it: AWESOME! We have brand new, state of the art equipment and stat tracking that will make your birthday party idea the best ever!

Archery Tag

If you’re looking for something a little slower paced and less competitive, but more strategic and just as fun, Archery tag is for you! Played like dodgeball, this is a great choice for younger kids and smaller groups.

and our newest experience… NERF!

NERF at G-Force has blown up! If you remember those NERF battles you had as a kid, you’ll know how fun they can be. Well, we took it to the next level! We have a huge arsenal of NERF guns and an unlimited supply of darts and ammo, as well as a great indoor arena to wage your NERF war in.

Great Combination Packages

These all sound pretty great, right? They are! Each and every activity at G-Force is a total blast. That’s why we don’t make you choose just one! Head over to our Birthday Party Pricing and Packages page to see all of the options you have for your big birthday party at G-Force!

A Private Party Room

Just as important as the activities is the down time to celebrate the big day. It just wouldn’t be a good birthday party idea if we didn’t offer you a place to open some gifts and eat some cake. That’s why, with all birthday party packages, we offer exclusive use of our private birthday party room!

PS – We can also provide food and drinks on request!

It Sounds Like a Great Birthday Party Idea, Right? Don’t Wait!

Birthday parties at G-Force are awesome. The downside is, in order to make each birthday party special, we have limited availability! If this sounds like a great birthday party idea to you, don’t hesitate – head on over to the Birthday Party Request page and book your date today!

Family Fun in Richmond

As the capital of the birthplace of our nation, Richmond is a city that everyone can enjoy. You have the opportunity to indulge in Richmond’s unique cuisines, historical relevance, diversity, outdoor adventures and much more. Over the years, Richmond has developed into the ideal blend of a livable memoir of history, modern entertainment, and destination for family fun. Whether you are tourist, local, family man or young professional, you will never run out of things to do in Richmond.

One of the best qualities about Richmond is its wide range of attractions for people of all ages. Richmond was named #1 in “The 10 Most Popular American Cities to Visit This Summer” by BusinessInsider, and rightfully so. As soon as Friday afternoon hits on warm days, the streets are filled with locals and tourists alike.


Have Your Winter Birthday at G-Force Karts!

If you were born in the winter, or have a loved one who was, you know the struggle every year to find something fun to do for a birthday party. After all, summer babies can just have some friends over for a barbecue or invite everybody to a day in the park. With a winter birthday party, you’ve got to contend with the cold and generally worse weather.

So if you’re frustrated, we don’t blame ya. However… we do have a solution: G-Force Karts!

The Premier Winter Birthday Party Destination in Richmond

G-Force Karts is the premier winter birthday party destination in Richmond. We don’t just do birthday parties on the side: our setup is structured to accommodate birthday parties small, large, and everywhere in between. Our fully indoor facility features multiple adrenaline pumping activities to choose from, and great package deals if you want to try them all! Here’s a quick rundown of the activities you can enjoy at G-Force this winter:

Authentic, Gas-Powered Go-Kart Racing:

DSC_0387Our go kart racing experience is the best in Richmond, hands down. Our authentic, gas powered karts power you across our challenging and fun track at speeds that will have you pushed back in your seat. This is the real, down and dirty racing experience. Electric karts on sterile tracks just can’t compare.

Strategic, Coordinated Archery Tag:

DSC_0082Archery tag is a little slower paced, but it more than makes up for it in strategy. The rules are similar to dodgeball, but with bows and arrows. With limited arrows (these are foam tipped and not one bit painful to be hit with) at your disposal and a huge focus on precision, you’ll need to coordinate with your team every round or you’ll be defeated.

Tactical Laser Tag

gforcelasertaggunOur laser tag experience has always been fun… but we have taken it to the next level. We have completely renovated our laser tag arena to provide an even tighter tactical experience. We’ve also completely replaced those old packs and rifles with with state-of-the-art lightweight laser tag equipment. This stuff is cutting-edge! While the standard laser tag experience is the best in Richmond, we have a ton of settings to tweak and game modes to choose from.

As you can see, we’ve got a lot to offer for your winter birthday. No matter which activity you choose, you and your guests will have a blast. The best part? You don’t have to choose just one!

Winter Birthday Party Packages

Whether you want to focus on one activity, split your time between a couple, or try them all, we’ve got a package catered just for you. After all, it’s your birthday! Instead of going into them all here, just head over to our birthday party packages page and take a look. If you’d like to customize, let us know.

Book Your Winter Birthday Party Today!

Winter birthday parties at G-Force are awesome – and they book up fast! If you want to have your birthday party at G-Force this winter, now is the time to let us know. Give us a call at (804) 228-0188 or head over to our birthday party request page to get started!

Race A Cop Night!

What if you could try to out race the police in a safe and fun environment, while getting to know the brave men and women in blue a little better? If this sounds like your cup of tea – keep reading!

Race A Cop Night At G-Force Karts!

This Sunday, October 16th, from 5pm to 7pm, G-Force Karts has partnered with police officers from the city of Richmond and Chesterfield County to offer you the opportunity to outrun the cops! Hop in one of our gas-powered go-karts and take on the area’s finest in a high-speed, high-intensity race to see who’s the fastest.

If you win, you get to tell your buddies you outran the cops. If you lose, well, you gotta tell your buddies that, too – but it’s all in good fun!

A Great Deal for a Great Cause

So – a once in a lifetime opportunity to outrace the police. Sounds awesome, right? As with everything G-Force Does, we’re kicking it up into the next gear, and we’re offering great deals and giveaways at this event!

First, everyone that walks through the door is entered to win one of 50 free races. We’ll raffle them off at the start of the event!

Second, all other races during this two hour event will be just $15 – member and non member. A portion of the proceeds from these races will be donated to the PAL organization.

G-Force is hosting this event because we care about the area police and we care about the community. We want to connect the two in a fun, safe environment! Many people hardly ever get a chance to interact with the fine men and women that protect our community. This is your chance

See below for the flyer!


Contact G-Force Karts

If you have any questions about this fun event, get in touch! We’d be happy to help. You can reach us at 804-228-0188 or contact us online. We look forward to seeing you all Sunday!

Announcing: Tactical Laser Tag in VA at G-Force Karts!

The Most Tactical Laser Tag in VA!

G-Force is once again revolutionizing the game! We’re not content with being Richmond’s premier destination for karting, lasertag, NERF, and archery tag… we intend to stay at the top! That being said; we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Laser Tag Pro to offer the most tactical laser tag in VA!

Next-Level Equipment

Tactical lasertagWe spared no expense on our new equipment, and the result is an all new, next level, tactical lasertag experience! We’ve replaced our entire arsenal with state-of-the-art laser rifles… the Battle Rifle Pro! The Battle Rifle Pro features a futuristic bullpup design, tight ergonomics, great handling, and even a red dot sight for increased accuracy! These rifles also have:

  • Health Display
  • Vibration
  • Multiple Game Modes (like Zombie Mode, free for all, etc)

On top of that, each one of these weapons can be set to a certain weapon profile when we do different game modes. Like in real life, these weapon settings have pros and cons. See them all below:

  • Assault Rifle
  • Burst Rifle
  • SMG
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper
  • Battle Cannon
  • Assault Laser

DSC_0364We didn’t stop there, though. We’ve also equipped another huge upgrade! We’ve also removed entirely the packs of old… now all you have to wear is the headband pictured here!

No more heavy and cumbersome packs with uncomfortable straps. Just put one of our new sensors on your head, and you’re good to go!

Laser TagFinally, we’ve added multi functional utility boxes to our battlefield. These boxes add an intricate layer to the tactical experience. Depending on the game mode, their function changes! Sometimes they are ammo, medic and respawn stations. Sometimes they’re “Special Weapons” stations, where you can pick up incredible upgrades to your rifle! Sometimes, they’re the objective, that you need to capture, kill, or extract. The possibilities are endless!

Tons of Game Modes and Customization

Laser Tag in VASo having new equipment is obviously awesome… especially the upgrades we got! We wanted to further push the envelope though, and that’s why we’ve added a ton of new game modes to our new tactical laser tag experience!

We’re in the process of fine-tuning the game modes, so they might not all be functional immediately. However, we plan on having the following game modes playable soon: multi-team, deathmatch, king of the hill, zombie mode, free for all, capture the flag, rescue the hostage, eliminate the VIP.

Comprehensive Stat Tracking

Laser Tag in VANew equipment and new game modes are awesome, but we’ve added one final upgrade to the our laser tag experience: comprehensive stat tracking! Our new system tracks everything: accuracy, kills, deaths, score, etc. You get a report at the end, as well!

The Callsign App

We didn’t stop with just adding the comprehensive stat tracking features above… like most things we do at G-Force, we took it to the next level!

Callsign is a FREE companion app that allows you to sign into our system with a custom call sign, all while tracking your stats in real time and sending them to your phone! This app is free and simple to use. Just walk in to G-Force and open the app, and we’ll swipe you into our system.

Click below to download the Callsign app, or just search for “Callsign” on the app store!

Get in Touch with G-Force about the Most Tactical Laser Tag in VA!

Interested in learning more about the most tactical laser tag in VA? Get in touch!

Give us a ring at 804-228-0188 or contact us online to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Unlimited Laser Tag is Back!

You spoke. We listened. Unlimited Laser Tag is back at G-Force Karts!

We’re Always Hungry To Improve

At G-Force Karts, we pride ourselves on constant innovation in the field of the entertainment experience. From constantly evaluating and improving our indoor karts, to improvising and engineering new track layouts, to new competitive experiences (think NERF and archery tag), we’ve never been the type to rest on our laurels.

Trip Advisor Certificate of ExcellenceThis is, in part, why we continue to win awards (like the 2016 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor) based on reviews from our customers. Our hunger to constantly improve is what makes us a top destination in Virginia for thrill seekers and fun lovers alike. We’re never satisfied with status quo. You shouldn’t be either.

battle-rifle-pictureAs it relates to our laser tag experience, we upgraded all our laser tag packs, guns and team setups last year with new state of the art technology. The
packs are lighter and lower profile, and more comfortable. These packs also allow for increased freedom of movement. We also replaced the “old school” bulky, two-handed rifles with sleek and accurate handheld pistols.

Change is never easy, though! We took the time to tune the equipment and fine-tune the experience, in order to deliver on our promise of pulse-pounding, adrenaline pumping fun.

The end result is a completely fresh yet entirely familiar laser tag experience. We know you’ll love every minute of it. So, whats the “deal” you ask?

Unlimited Laser Tag at G-Force Karts

Starting immediately, Unlimited Laser Tag is back at G-Force Karts!

Here is all you need to know:

  • Who: Everyone!
  • What: Unlimited Laser Tag for $40
  • Where: G-Force Karts
  • When: Every Friday and Saturday Nights (7p-11p) 
  • Why: Really? 

Enjoy 4 hours of all-you-can play laser tag, twice a week for just $40!

Our standard laser tag session is 10 minutes long and costs $10. We’ll leave the math up to you, but you don’t need to be a mathematician to figure out that $40 for fours hours of Unlimited Laser Tag is a sweet deal. The real questions is this: you up for the challenge?

Our laser tag experience is the best in Richmond and we’re happy to once again offer our Unlimited Weekend Night special.

The packs are charged and the arena is ready…are you?


Contact G-Force Karts about Unlimited Laser Tag!

Visit the Laser Tag page for a full rundown of our laser tag experience, then prepare for a killer weekend night of Unlimited Laser Tag!

You can reach us at (804) 228-0188, message us on Facebook, or contact us online.

Experience the thrill of UNLIMITED Laser Tag, only at G-Force Karts in Richmond! 

Top Birthday Party Destination in Richmond, according to USA Today!

Richmond’s Birthday Party Hot Spot!

In a recent article published in USA Today’s Travel Tips section, they wrote about all the great things you can do for birthday weekend getaways in Richmond! The article goes on to mention some of the best things about Richmond. This list includes great places such as Carytown, the great art and historical sites around the city, activities and adventures on the James River, and of course, great places to have a birthday party… like G-Force Karts!

Birthday Party

Not Familiar with Birthday Events at G-Force Karts?

If you’re new to the Richmond area or just not familiar with everything G-Force Karts has to offers for birthday parties, then you are in for a treat! At G-Force, we go the extra mile for you when you host your child’s birthday party with us. We’ll make sure your child and their friends have the birthday experience they’ll always remember. With fast paced, adrenaline pumping activities like go karts, NERF, laser tag, and archery tag, how could they ever forget?!

We cater our birthday parties to smalls group, large parties and everything in between. We offer 3 pre-planned party packages to choose from so you’ll know exactly what to expect throughout the party!

Book Your Next Birthday Party Now!

G-Force is excited to be Richmond’s birthday party hot spot. As you can imagine, we are extremely busy this time of year, with multiple birthday parties almost every weekend! If you’re interested in booking a birthday party with us, be sure to call ahead of time! That way, we can be sure everything goes perfect!

Call us at 804-228-0188 or contact us online to schedule your next birthday party with G-Force Karts!

Archery Tag is coming to G-Force!

Archery Tag is Coming to G-Force

At G-Force Karts, we constantly evolve our business in order to offer the most exciting, adrenaline packed and unique entertainment activities in Richmond.  Whether you’re a racing fanatic, a NERF marksman, or a lasertag adventurer, there’s a thrill for you at G-Force! Today, we are super excited to announce that Archery Tag is Coming to G-Force! (more…)

G-Force Karts: One of TripAdvisor’s Top Rated Things To Do in Richmond, Va!

G-Force Karts needs your help to get to the top! If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re already hooked on the pulse-pounding thrill ride that is the G-Force Experience. Who can blame you? With insanely fast go-karts, an awesome lasertag arena and NERF we’ve got your fix! So return the favor,  and leave us a review on TripAdvisor!

If you’ve never used TripAdvisor before, prepare to be hooked! TripAdvisor is a phenomenal resource for traveling. It contains reviews for hotels, taxi services, restaurants, attractions, and more – basically all the stuff you’d want to know if you were on a trip out of town or looking for new things to do around Richmond.

We recently asked our fans via social media and email to to give us some honest reviews online, and with the help of all our recent reviews, we’ve climbed up into the top 10 highest rated things-to-do in Richmond! We can’t thank you guys enough for your support!

We’re going to be honest though – just like the high-speed racers on our track, we want to get to the #1 pole position.

If you’re as big of a fan of what we do as we hope, take a minute, sign up for TripAdvisor, and let us know what you think! Not only will this help to share the G-Force Experience, but it will also provide valuable insight into the things we are doing well and the things you’d like to see improved. We know we aren’t perfect, but man… we’d like to be!

Check us out on TripAdvisor!

Head over to the G-Force TripAdvisor page and let us know what you think of G-Force. With your help, we can get to that #1 Pole Position for things to do in Richmond!

2 Seat Go Karts at G-Force Karts!

Ever wanted to share the G-Force experience with a friend or loved one, or show a rookie the tracks? With G-Force’s new two seat go kart, you can!

G-Force Stands Atop the Karting World 

We are super excited, honored and proud of our standing as one of the only indoor tracks in the United States to offer a two seat kart!  There are hundreds of indoor karting tracks nationwide, but Sodi saw fit to test these products right here in Richmond, at G-Force Karts. If that doesn’t tell you what G-Force is all about, nothing will!

The “Sodi 2-Drive” Two Seat Go Kart

The two seater kart, known as the “Sodi 2-Drive” is ideal for younger, newer drivers and as a great training tool for racers too young to drive on their own (hey dad… get that young’en ready now, man!).

Our Sodi 2- Drives allows younger drivers to experience the thrill, speed and feel of indoor karting, while offering the driver the ability to restrict the passengers ability to have any real impact on turning, speed or performance. These karts are state of the art, featuring vented disc brakes, huge, beefy axles, and 4-point restraint system.   If you so choose, we can enable steering from either the driver or the passenger side, but from what we’ve seen so far…we will likely not activate the passenger side all that often.

These Karts Fly!

Even though the Sodi 2-Drive is purpose built as a training kart, it’s still got a ton of power under the hood! They easily maintain the same speed and control as our other karts.

G-Force has always been on the cutting edge of innovation in the world of karting. We’ve always experimented with new equipment, racetrack configurations, karts, and anything that might improve your overall experience and racing performance.

Stop in, take a test drive in these unique  double seat karts, and help G-Force usher in the next generation of high performance go kart racing! Please contact G-Force Karts online with any questions on our two seater karts, or call us at (804) 228-0188. As always… “Experience the Thrill of Racing” at Richmond’s best indoor karting track, G-Force Karts!

It’s Lonely at the Top

At G-Force Karts, we’re proud of our standing at the top of the indoor karting industry In Richmond! For over 13 years, we’ve maintained a standard of excellence in product, experience and customer care that few nationwide can claim.

Our high speed, gas powered karts deliver an exciting and intense racing experience, but we don’t stop there.  With NERF and laser tag, G-Force in Richmond offers plenty of intense activities that will surely keep your heart pumping.

That being said, we are always looking to improve upon your overall experience.  As new technologies emerge and new indoor experiences arise, we stay hungry to maintain our position in your mind as the go-to source for indoor excitement in Virginia.

It’s lonely at the top, but hey, we like it that way!

With Success Comes Competition 

With success comes competition! “Me too” karting places are popping up all over the country to compete for a piece of the large indoor karting market, and Richmond is no exception. Since indoor karting hit the United States about 18 years ago, the industry continues to see an influx of new karting tracks. In fact, almost 100 indoor karting facilities operate in the United States in 2014, and that number continues to grow.

Some of these new tracks are run very well by folks who know karting and racing inside and out, while other tracks struggle. It all depends on ownership. At G-Force, our ownership team has 13+ years of tweaking, experimenting, and improving our facility. That’s what keeps us at the top.

Just like anything worth doing for a living, it takes several years to truly understand your product or service. Indoor karting is no exception. Experts say it takes 10,000 hours to truly master something. We can say with confidence: we have truly mastered the art of indoor karting!

Competition Breeds Innovation 

With new competition comes creativity, innovation, and a need to constantly adapt and improve our product and experience. At G-Force, we embrace the need to constantly improve, hence over the past few years we’ve added new karts, updated our indoor karting track, added new barriers, removed our inflatables in favor of our hugely popular NERF experience, re-modeled our lounge area, and improved the all around customer experience.

Sleep tight in knowing we’ve got some big improvements coming that will change everything you thought you knew about G-Force Karts.  Enough said for now…

Customer Value 

Even with all the improvements and upgrades, we never lost sight of what is truly important to our long standing success and reputation: Your Customer Experience! We pride ourselves on maintaining an extremely high standard in racing excellence, which shows!

Adjustable Pedals, Seats and Weights

In keeping with theme of the overall customer experience, we do offer a few racing options at G-Force that few indoor tracks nationwide can claim.

First, we provide an 8 minute race experience for every race. This is HUGE for us! Many karting tracks will charge the same amount as G-Force per race, but only give you a 5-6 minutes of actual racing time. We could certainly do the same thing, and we’d probably make more money, but you, as our customer, ultimately would feel slighted. It’s in our best interest to run 8 minute races. Trust us: if you haven’t raced here before, 8 minutes on a high speed indoor kart track like G-Force seems like 30 minutes!

Next, we really feel strongly that adjustable settings on our karts are an absolute must in order to customize the racing experience for each racer. When you sit in one of our gas powered high speed karts, you can adjust both your pedals and your seat, so that you can ride as comfortably as possible at high speeds.

We also counter-balance (ie weight balance) our karts for the more competitive racers. If a trophy or even just bragging rights are on the line, you want an equal playing field. We can add or remove weight from your kart so that you and your buddy/challenger are on equal footing. For our popular events like ironman challenges and enduro races, weight balancing is crucial.

How Can We Improve Your Experience? 

While we know we could rest on our laurels as an undisputed karting leader, we won’t do that.  That is not what got us here and that is not how we will continue to dominate the indoor karting market. We want to keep our place at the top.

That being said, we welcome your feedback! How can we improve your experience? If you’ve raced at other tracks, how do they compare to G-Force? Did they offer any special value, experience or thrill that we could consider also?

You, our core customer, are our top priority. Let us know how we can continue to deliver an excellent racing, NERF, and lasertag experience, and we will never stop looking for ways to improve.

Join us at the Top

Call us anytime and let us know how we’re doing! Call (804) 228-0188 or contact G-Force Karts online. Regardless of whether you’re new to karting or a seasoned vet, know that you can truly “Experience the Thrill of Racing” at G-Force Karts!




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