G-Force Karts

Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 12-8pm


Have questions? We might have answered them already! See below for answers to your FAQs!

Q: How old do you have to be to drive the Karts?

A: Junior Karts-8-15 years; Adult Karts-16+ years.

Q: What are G-Force’s hours?

A: These are our current operating hours. Our hours are seasonal and are subject to holidays and facility rentals. Check our event calendar and Facebook page for announcements and closings.

Q: What will you do when it rains?

A: We will not run in the rain but can have the track dried out reasonably quickly after it rains. If you’re not sure if we’re open, call the Rain Line at 804-362-2950!

Q. What height and weight restrictions are there for the karts?

A: The junior karts are for people under 16 that are at least 54 inches tall.  Adult karts are 16 and older with a minimum height of 54 inches and maximum weight of 325 lbs.

Q: Does it cost extra to race the Super-Karts?

A: No, but you have to qualify on our adult karts first, by completing a race with 5 laps under our Super-Kart qualifying time (see the super karts section on the Our Karts page for the current qualifying time). If you have already qualified on the old track, you do NOT need to re-qualify on the new track layout.

Q: When does my race start? Do I get 4 or 5 warm up laps?

A: Your race starts when you leave the pits. Ask us where the track loop is located for your lap times. You travel all the way around the track and pass the pits before your time in the race starts.  So you have about 1 lap to warm up the tires and get ready.  But be aware of other drivers going faster than you if you are going slower.

Q: Can we get the waivers from your website?

A: Yes. See below.

Download our ADULT waiver form here

Download our MINOR waiver form here

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes, karting has an excellent safety record. We also provide all the safety gear you will need with helmets, neck braces and suits if you choose to wear them. We commonly tell our customers, if you follow the rules it is incredibly safe.

Q: Is it a slick track?

A: Our track has been specially prepared to provide incredible grip for our karts-you can experience approximately 1.5 G’s in our turns

Q: Can I bring my own kart? 

A: No, we supply all the karts and maintain them. This makes it more fun to come in and race without having to do all the work to keep a kart running properly.

Q: How fast do the karts race?

A: Junior karts, approximately 30-35 mph; Adult karts, approximately 40-45 mph; Super- karts 45-47. Super-karts get up to speed fast and handle completely different.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Click on our pricing page for details.

Q: Do you have all equipment I will need to kart?

A: Yes, we provide everything you will need to race. All you need to bring is a pair of closed-toed shoes and leave your fears at home.

Q: Can you bring your own helmet?

A: Yes, as long as it is a full faced helmet. This protects your face better than an open face helmet with goggles, which is not allowed.

Q: Can I test drive the karts before I ride on them?

A: No, we do not offer test drives!

Q: Can the Super-karts run with the regular karts?

A: We will put the super-karts out with regular racers who have raced the standard karts before. We do not put super-kart racers out with new drivers who are racing for the first time. We try to monitor this closely.  But realize there will probably be faster drivers in karts around you.  As you get better, you will become the faster driver, and then you need to be aware of how to pass and get around other racers.

Q: Are these bumper cars, can I bump everyone out of the way?
A: No, these are not bumper cars. These are racing karts and we want people to come in and experience how much fun it is to race. We do not allow racers to bump everyone off the track or cause accidents on purpose. We strictly enforce the rules and want the racing experience to be fun for everyone that participates in a race.

Q: Do you host Birthday Parties at G-Force Karts?

A: Of course! Head over to our birthday party page to learn everything you need to know!

Q: My son is 14 years old and 6 feet tall and 200 lbs. Can he race the adult karts?

A: We have a number of juniors who are too big and cannot fit into the junior karts. Some children are ready to step up and others are not ready to drive the adult karts. Please call us at (804)-228-0188 or contact us online and we can discuss the option. This is not something we will do at 3pm on a busy Saturday with 50 people in line. If you are interested in talking to us about your child who will not fit in the junior karts, plan ahead. We try to work with our customers and it is a combination of your willingness to work with us also that makes different options available.