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Fundraising Event Ideas

Please Note: We’ve moved, and some of our activities aren’t quite ready quite yet!

Our standards of excellence in entertainment are super high, hence why we are so focused on delivering only the best experience. Thank you for your patience!

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In our years of running anentertainment venue here in Richmond, we’ve learned the difficulties that fundraising groups encounter in putting together a successful, fun and different type of event.

We know that the end goal for a fundraising event is to raise money for your particular cause, charity of group while having fun and generating some much needed positive energy. Sounds easy enough right? If you are starting the fundraising process, you know “easy” is the last word to describe the trial and tribulations of what you are working towards. As they say…if it was easy everyone would do it!

With the huge array of golf tournaments, 5 k’s, bake sales and other fundraising event ideas you can consider here in Richmond, you will no doubt encounter quite a challenge in making your event stand out enough to draw interest, participation and ultimately those much needed funds.

Luckily for you, our corporate team at G-Force Karts brings years of experience in running fundraisers to each and every event, so we know how to minimize your headaches while maximizing fun! Point being: we have all sorts of fundraising event ideas you might not have considered that can really increase the excitement and funds raised for your particular cause!

Regardless of how big or small your event, we can custom build an event that will deliver exactly what you need most!

Examples of Fundraising Event Ideas at G-Force

From your basic small community event to a huge sports team outing, we’ve hosted hundreds of fundraisers over the years! Here are a few examples of the type of fundraising groups we work with (or can work with!):

  • Charities
  • Non Profits
  • High Schools
  • College Clubs
  • Sports Teams
  • Churches
  • College Students

If you’re looking for fundraising event ideas but didn’t see your type of event on this list, don’t worry: these are just examples! Regardless of why you need to raise money for your cause, we can deliver a fun, unique and memorable event that will truly stand out among a saturated market of cause related events!

Contact G-Force Karts to Get Started!

If you’re planning your next fundraiser, we recommend you reach out to us early on in the process to see if we are the right fit! Our calendar of event books up well in advance, particularly for high demand times like weekends, so the earlier you can plan your event with us the better!

Request your fundraising event below, or call Kim Yarema (corporate sales director) at 804-901-1464 to discuss how we can help you create a fun and successful fundraiser event!

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