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Axe Throwing


Ready. Set. Throw! Recreational Axe Throwing is sweeping the nation, and G-Force has never been known to let something this fun pass us by! So, we’re excited to announce, that you can now find nation’s hottest new skill game at G-Force Karts!

You must be 21 years or older to participate in Axe Throwing!

Now, to speak to the elephant in the room: Yes, these are real axes, and yes, they have a cutting edge. However, with proper (which means common sense) handling, you’ve got nothing to worry about. We have taken every precaution to make this a safe and fun activity, but it pays to always remember: you are handling a real axe!

Axe Throwing Prices

Whether you’re looking for a warm-up and practice round, want to get a couple games in, or rent out the whole lane for you and your buddies… we’ve got a price that works for you.

30 Minutes: $14.95/per person

60 Minutes: $20/per person

Group: Contact us to book your group of 10 or more today!

If you are planning on heading up with a group, give us a call beforehand so we can make sure we’re all ready for you and your buddies. As always, we offer this exciting activity for corporate events and birthday parties!

Axe Throwing Rules and Scoring

You’ll get the hang of it quick, but you definitely will want to review the rules beforehand! We’ve got an entire page dedicated to the ins-and-outs of this incredibly fun new game… take a minute before your first trip out here, and you’ll be way ahead of the curve!

Head over to our Axe Throwing Rules and Scoring page!

Axe Throwing Basics

It’s easier than you think, but here are a few starting tips!

  1. Put your dominant foot (the foot on the same side as your throwing arm) in the middle of the black line to start
  2. Grab a throwing axe at the bottom of the handle, using your index, middle, and ring finger only. Put your pinky underneath the handle or keep it stuck out (bonus points here for looking fancy!)
  3. Throw! If you don’t know how to throw, we can’t help you there. It helps to envision the axe head traveling in a straight line from behind your head to the target. Think Thor’s hammer!
  4. If you sink the axe into the target, you’re good! If you miss, entirely, work on your aim. If you smack the target, but not with the blade, simply adjust where you are standing with your dominant foot. The black line is just a reference point. You can throw anywhere before the red line!
  5. Once everyone has thrown, head down and remove your axe from the target (without touching the wood).

That’s it! You’ll be throwing bullseyes in no time. Check out these two – they just learned to throw 10 minutes before this video was shot, but picked it up quick enough that they were already playing a match!

If you have trouble, just ask the axe alley marshall. He’ll help you out as best as he can!

Contact G-Force to Learn More about our new Axe Throwing Experience!

Ready for the newest G-Force Experience? We think you’ll love it! It’s safe, competitive, requires skill, and most of all, it’s fun! So what are you waiting for… Head on up! You know where to find us.

Give us a call if you have any questions! Reach us at 804-228-0188, contact us online or send us a message on Facebook!