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Our Karts

Adult Go-Karts

Simply put, our Adult GT-5 go-karts are the best in the outdoor karting business! Custom built for G-Force Karts, our GT-5’s feature all the bells and whistles that our customers expect from G-Force.

These GT-5’s offer integrated weight boxes, which allow us to add up to 60lbs of weight to the kart in a low, safe configuration. What does this mean? We can equalize your weight against your buddy, so you can race on a completely level playing field! No weight bias. No excuses!

In addition to weigh balancing, these gas powered go-karts include progressive brakes, which add a new feel to the brake pedal.

Our GT-5’s are our “standard” kart for adults. For most newbies and first time racers, these are more than enough! If you think you have what it takes to qualify for Super-Kart status, you must first prove how well you can handle the GT-5’s.

Super Karts

This high-performance European racing machine allows our most skilled drivers to reach the next level of excitement!

Powered by 270cc of Honda craftsmanship, these Super Karts enable drivers to fly around our outdoor track faster than ever. The increased torque will also allow you to blow by your competitors, as you twist and turn through our intense racing road course.

All of our super-karts are completely modernized, and feature brand new Honda motors with the newest engine designs from Honda. We’ve inspected and re-inspected every piece of these Super Karts, while saving every bit of weight possible.

Everything on these Super Karts just scream racing action! From the upgraded Tillet seats, gas powered engines, to the huge disc brakes, these are the baddest go-karts we could build.

Make no mistake….these karts are fast, intense and they are incredibly challenging to drive.  Test your skills and challenge yourself today.

In order for you to race these monsters, you must prove to our staff that you can handle a kart of this magnitude—you must qualify!

In order to qualify, you’ll need to finish a race with 5 laps at/under 27.0 seconds per lap in our regular adult go-karts. After you do this, you can step up to the big leagues of Super Karts! (Note:once you qualify for Super Karts  status , you’ll never have to re-qualify again!) 

Junior Karts

These European racing karts have the best available features in the junior kart market. We supply junior helmets, junior neck braces, and the best-built junior kart on the market today.

Gas powered with 5.5hp Honda motors, our junior karts also include internal wet clutches, hydraulic disk brakes, adjustable gas and brake pedals, adjustable seats and steering columns. All our junior karts have seat belts and roll bar protection.

Due to the size of the karts, we strongly enforce the following:

  • 8-15 years of age
  • Minimum height: 48″
  • Maximum height: 70″
  • Maximum weight: 180 lbs.

Two-Seater Karts

Looking for a way to share the G-Force experience with a young one or a rookie? We are proud to announce that G-Force is once again on the cutting edge of karting technology with our new 2-seater karts! These karts have side-by-side shotgun seating, dual steering wheels and are a fantastic way of getting a new racer into the world of karting.

No worries though – these karts are tuned to the same specs as all of our high-performance karts and lack absolutely nothing when it comes to speed and handling. They are easily able to keep up with our karts in head to head racing, so even during a training session you and your passenger can experience the thrill of high-speed racing! Take a look at the video below to get just a taste of the doubled-down 2 seater karting experience.

The 2-seater karts are just as easy to drive as our normal karts, but to qualify to drive them or ride in them you must:

  • Have completed at least once race at G-Force Karts before
  • Be at least 5 years of age.
  • Passenger must be under 15 years of age.