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Fraternity and Sorority Mixers

If you’re a student at VCU, University of Richmond, Randolph-Macon, Virginia Union, Virginia State or any other Richmond area university or college, you know that finding a fun, safe and memorably fraternity and sorority mixer venue is very challenging!

At G-Force Karts, we offer a unique experience unlike anything else in Richmond.!

Custom Packages for Mixers and Group Outings

From smaller private rush events to huge, full member fraternity and sorority mixers, we work with a huge variety of fraternities, sororities, sports teams and clubs at all the local universities. You can rent out the entire facility, rent just the track or the arena, or just book a combination package which includes whatever events suit your needs.

Many of our employees are local college students, which means we really do understand the type of venue and event you need to make your event a huge success.

We find that many of the fraternities or sororities that initially contact us don’t really know exactly what they want…they just know they are looking for something different than another mixer in a dingy basement (no offense guys!). We offer a variety of fraternity and sorority mixer ideas that allow your group the opportunity to meet new people and have fun without any added pressure.

For example, if you find your groups aren’t “mixing” quite as nicely as you’d like, no worries… we offer plenty of distractions to keep you busy.

Contact G-Force Karts to Book Your Next Fraternity or Sorority Event!

If you’re an event chair, president or just a member of a local fraternity or sorority and you’re looking for an amazing venue for your next event..you’re in the right place!

Please fill out our online event form below, or call Kim Yarema (corporate sales director) at 804-901-1464 to discuss how we can fully customize an event for your group.

Keep in mind: during rush season, we tend to book up events well in advance, particularly if you’d like to rent our facility on a day we’re aren’t generally open to the public. Our point is…plan ahead!

Experience the Thrill of racing and more for your next fraternity or sorority event, only at G-Force Karts in Richmond!

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