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Have Questions about hosting Corporate Events at G-Force?

We might have already answered them! Check out our Corporate Event FAQ to learn more!

Q: When can you host our Corporate Event?

A: We book events 7 days a week. We are open to the general public 6 days a week but we accommodate meetings and events throughout the day and evening depending on what our clients would like.

Q: What type of events do you offer?

A: We offer packages for groups of 10 to large corporate outings with 300 employees. Go karts, NERF, lasertag, and Archery Tag can be combined. Call today and ask us about all of our options.

Q: Do you offer team building?

A: We do offer team building and one of our most popular formats is our endurance race. Teams are created and they need to use communication, strategy, stress management, team work, and patience along with the desire to go fast in order to win.

Q: Do you offer catering for our corporate event?

A: We have many catering options to choose from. Please contact us and we can help you choose an option that best fits your event.

Q: Do you provide alcohol for our corporate event?

A: We do not provide alcohol. Feel free to provide your own alcohol for your event if you are having a private function. If you are having an open to the public event, we can help you find a caterer who can provide an alcohol license for you. As always, race first and drink second. Thanks!

Q: What are G-Force’s hours?

A: These are our current operating hours. Our hours are seasonal and are subject to holidays and facility rentals. Check our event calendar and Facebook page for announcements and closings.

Any other questions? Contact Kim Yarema, 804-901-1464 or by email and she’ll be happy to help you!