G-Force Karts

TH: 5p-9p F: 1p-11p SA: 12n-11p SU: 12n-9p

This Location STILL OPEN Until 4/07/19!

Go Kart Racing

Our 1/4-mile indoor go kart racetrack in Richmond, VA is an intense race course! It twists and turns throughout our facility, allowing drivers to use their skills to outmaneuver their competitors.

Welcome to Virginia’s Fastest Indoor Karting Racetrack!

RacetrackWe know at the end of the day… above all else, our customers want to go fast! They want to feel the exhilaration of controlling a high powered machine. G-Force Karts delivers a thrilling and intense experience like no one else in Virginia. If you’re in the market for thrills, just remember: “GO FAST. GO GAS!”

After 13 + years of running a very similar (with slight tweaks constantly) track layout, we completely redesigned our blueprint! Our old track layout was killer and our drivers (both new and experienced) loved it. However, after a number of years with a similar design, we wanted to test the waters on a new layout! We moved the pit, added more twists and turns but kept our huge 325-foot straightaway (probably a touch longer than that!) as is.

Take a look at our track, as well as the rest of our facility in 3d! Check out our 360 virtual reality tour.

The Benefits of Indoor Karting

Indoor karting presents both the challenge and intensity of outdoor racing… without some of the potential hazards. Our expertly designed and rigorously tested indoor kart racetrack is concrete and specially prepared. Our kart will deliver approximately 1.5 G’s of grip. Mother Nature, whether rain, snow, or wind will not tamper with your racing speed turning or braking abilities!

Our state-of-the-art facility features a computerized timing system that tracks each go karts’ lap times. Sessions can include up to 10 racers and last 8 minutes. Each racer receives a printout of their race performance. This will includes number of laps, times, average time, ranking, and overall ranking!.

Our Karts

At G-Force Karts, we offer four different levels of karts to make sure you’re racing with racers of equal skill level. Depending on your qualifications, you have the option of choosing from Adult Karts, Super-Karts, Junior Karts and Two-Seater Karts.

Ready to test your skills, prowess and intensity with some go kart racing at G-Force Karts? Take a look at our karting pricing!. We welcome the opportunity to show you what “Experience the Thrill of Racing” really means at Virginia’s Fastest Indoor Karting Racetrack, G-Force Karts!

Check out these great videos of our new track layout in both normal and reverse!

Birthday Parties and Corporate Events at Richmond’s Fastest Indoor Racetrack

Our indoor racetrack, coupled with our other awesome activities, makes G-Force Karts the perfect place for birthday parties and corporate events! We have a ton of different packages available, as well as a private party room. Get in touch with us to book your event!