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Youth Lock In Ideas in Richmond, VA

Please Note: We’ve moved, and some of our activities aren’t quite ready quite yet!

Our standards of excellence in entertainment are super high, hence why we are so focused on delivering only the best experience. Thank you for your patience!

Find Us At Our New Home:

800 East Laburnum Avenue (Gate 2)

Richmond, VA 23222

(At the Richmond Raceway Complex)

If you are a youth group leader, parent or team coach looking for some fun and unique lock in ideas for an upcoming group event, think G-Force Karts first!

We continue to find that overnight lock ins are a popular youth activity, and we continue to get more and more requests each year for lock ins at G-Force. We are happy to customize a package that best suits your needs, and we offer a fun, safe and memorable lock in event venue for kids ranging 8 years old and up! We also know that searching our suitable lock in ideas and venues for your next event can be tricky, so we welcome the opportunity to discuss the nature of your event either in person or over the phone. Feel free to contact Kim Yarema (corporate sales director) directly at 804-901-1464 anytime to get this conversation started!

We do ask that you contact us early on in the process, as lock ins present a different challenge for us, mainly relative to staffing. Since lock ins almost always occur during business hours in which we are normally closed, we’ll need to plan our staffing accordingly, to utilize our employees who can work overnight. In order to make sure we provide ample staff, we would need to know well in advance how many people you plan to bring, the types of activities you are most interested in, and the ages of all members of your group.

G-Force Lock In Ideas

We offer many activities at G-Force Karts:

In looking at all these activities as it relates to lock in ideas (or any type of group event!), we find that karting is almost always our most popular activity. With that being said, lock ins almost always occur during business hours in which we normally are not open, so 99% of the time lock ins include “free reign” over our entire facility, including karting, NERF, laser tag and archery tag!

With every fundraising event, we offer a party room that holds up to 90 people, plus we have three smaller party rooms near our arenas for a more intimate group.

Regardless of how big or small your event, we can custom build an event that will deliver exactly what you need most!

What we offer in terms of our range of activities really depends on the type of group you plan to bring, your special accommodation needs, and the age range of your group. If you bring a group where the kids are all older than 10 years old…you are in the clear! Your group can participate in all our activities. If, however, some of your group is younger than 10, we would need to look at a custom event. Here is a breakdown of the minimum age for each of our activities:

  • Karting: 10 years old and up (or 54 inches tall)
  • Lasertag: no minimum age requirement, but we recommend at least 8 years old
  • Archery Tag and Bazooka Ball: 8 years old and up
  • NERF: all ages!

Examples of Recent Youth Lock Ins at G-Force

We’ve hosted lock ins for a variety of local groups, including (but not limited to):

  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (or Cub Scouts/Webelos/Indian Princesses)
  • Non Profit Groups and Charity Groups
  • High School Teams
  • Churches
  • Youth Groups
  • Special Needs Groups

Contact G-Force Karts to Get Started!

We know that planning a lock in is no easy feat! We promise to make it easy for you to secure a fun, safe and exciting event, while over delivering on your expectations.

We do strongly recommend you plan as far ahead as possible, as we will incur unique staffing requirements for an overnight lock in event.

Request your lock in event below with our online form, or call Kim Yarema (corporate sales director) at 804-901-1464 to discuss why G-Force Karts is a perfect venue for your next lock in event!

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