G-Force Karts

Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 12-8pm

Rules & Regulations

Download our ADULT waiver form here

Download our MINOR waiver form here

Karting Rules and Regulations

  • Junior Kart Drivers must be at least 54 inches tall.
  • Adult Kart Drivers must be at least 58 inches tall and 16 years of age.
  • Anyone suspected of drug or alcohol use will not be allowed to race.
  • Drivers must have closed toe shoes to race.
  • Place all keys, cell phones, glasses and other objects in a safe place or locker.
  • A head-sock, helmet and neck brace and seat belt are required to race.
  • Please keep your hands and feet inside the kart at all times.
  • Your right foot operates the green gas pedal. Your left foot operates the red brake pedal. Press the gas and brake separately to maintain control of the kart.
  • Please pay attention to the track marshals and follow their instructions.
  • Intentional bumping is not allowed. Our goal is to provide you with an exciting and safe racing experience. Please follow our rules and stay within your capabilities for the best experience.


  • Green Flag: Go! Look at the signal lights and flags.
  • Yellow Light: Caution! Slow down, No Passing. Look for Track Marshals on the track.
  • Red Light: Stop safely and wait until you get a signal from a track marshal for green flag racing.
  • Blue Flag: MOVE OVER! Pull to the outside of the track. Let the faster racer go by.
  • Black Flag: Warning! Pull over to speak with the track marshal for instructions.
  • Checkered Flag: Slow down! The race is over, pull into pit lane at 1 mph. Do not stand up until given the signal by the track marshals.