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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality: The Next Generation of Entertainment!

At G-Force Karts, we never stop pushing and we never stop innovating. We do it for you! Our crazy intense Virtual Reality experience pushes the boundaries of what we (today at least) consider gaming and indoor entertainment, towards the next horizon of intense, interactive fun.

We are well known for our lightning fast indoor karting, tactical laser tag, NERF and NERF Rival experiences and archery tag. However – we are never satisfied with the status quo. Thrill seekers like you demand more, and we deliver!

Our Virtual Reality experience is the perfect way for us to truly push the envelope and deliver to you an intense, immersive thrill ride!

A Taste Of Virtual Reality!

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Virtual Reality Essentials

So now that you’re excited about our Virtual Reality experience at G-Force, here is what you can expect:

  • 4 Large VR Bays: With plenty of room to move, you have no excuses! As you play each game, what you see is projected onto a large flat screen TV. Your friends, family and co-workers can watch you in real time! Our VR bays are just to the left of the main registration kiosks in the lobby, so you can watch as other VR challengers experience the thrill while you grab a slice from our pizza kitchen!
  • TONS of VR Games: We rotate our games as often as possible. Our current titles include Space Pirate Trainer, Sling Shot, LongBow, Covert Syndrome, Xortex, Rec Room, Gom, Richie’s Plank Experience.. and many more! G-Force is constantly adding new games based on customer feedback! We test a many new VR games for a week or two and gather your input. If it’s a winner, we’ll add it into the mix. If not – into the virtual scrap heap! We also know certain types of games are more age appropriate. If your son or daughter wants to try VR but is not ready for something too intense, no worries! We have an array of games suited for younger VR players.
  • The Latest and Greatest VR Equipment: One of the hardest challenges about an experience like VR is making sure our technology and equipment is totally up to speed. The truth is, this industry is moving at amazing speed, so we know we will be consistently updating our equipment in order to deliver that fresh, new, crazy fun experience you expect from G-Force Karts!

Experience Virtual Reality at G-Force Karts!

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What else do you need to know? 

Got a birthday party coming up? Planning a corporate event? Just looking for something different tonight? Drive to G-Force Karts today and immerse yourself in a power packed Virtual Reality experience!

If you have any questions about the virtual reality experience at G-Force, please fill out this contact form online, message us on Facebook, or call us direct at (804) 228-0188.

Experience the THRILL of Virtual Reality at G-Force Karts!