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NERF Rival

NERF Rival!

NERF Rival is the hottest new experience at G-Force Karts!

At G-Force, we offer a climate controlled, year-round NERF Rival shootout experience. Our NERF Rival guns fire modified NERF balls, which are compressed foam balls that fly farther and hit harder than traditional NERF munitions. These foam balls are perfect for a no-mess, no sting experience!

You don’t have to bring any equipment or do any “prep” in advance. Just show up and have a blast!

No ammo. No extra equipment…


These crazy shootouts are fun for the whole family. The balls don’t hurt one bit when you get hit (though you will notice when you get shot)!

We do ask that all children who want to play NERF Rival are 8+, due to the weight of the equipment and the intensity of game play. 

*Note: If you book a NERF Rival birthday party with younger kids (8 – 10) and they are unable to operate the weapons effectively (they require a bit more strength), just let us know! We will be glad to switch over their equipment to our arsenal of lighter, easier to operate NERF weapons!

NERF Rival Game Modes

Just like with our immersive NERF experience, we offer a number of different game modes for NERF Rival, including:

  • Capture The Flag(s)
  • Domination
  • Mission Resupply
  • Point Game
  • Freeze Dart Tag
  • Zombie Death Match

Interested in playing? Bring the family up to G-Force Karts after you check out our pricing options, and get ready for some intense fun!

Kids and Adults Love NERF Rival

This Experience Is Perfect for Events!

The NERF Rival experience is perfect for a group of daily walk-ins, birthday parties and corporate events!

If you’re considering hosting your next event at G-Force Karts, we will be happy to work with you to cater your experience to what your group wants most, which may include NERF Rival.

G-Force is Richmond’s premiere birthday party and corporate event destination for a reason! From Karting to Virtual Reality, NERF, Laser Tag and Archery Tag and more, we offer a huge variety of authentic, exciting experiences all under one roof.

Plus, we can cater your event in-house with our Pizza Kitchen!

Learn More About This Awesome Experience at G-Force Karts

Customers love our crazy fun NERF Rival experience. You will also! What are waiting for? If you play this at home with your family or if you just love something different, this experience is perfect for something totally unique!

From daily walk in fun to birthday parties, corporate team building events and more, G-Force delivery an unrivaled experience in Richmond. We know that you will LOVE everything about what we offer!

If you have any questions, please give us a ring anytime at (804) 228-0188 or contact us online.  We welcome the opportunity to show you why so many birthday parties, groups and thrill seekers choose G-Force Karts!

Experience the THRILL of NERF Rival, only at G-Force Karts in Richmond!