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Indoor paintball at G-Force rocks! Enough said? Maybe not, but that’s a great starting point, right?

Some people still are not sure of what indoor paintball is all about, or how it compares to the”traditional”, outdoor version, Here goes:

At G-Force, we offer a climate controlled, year round indoor paintball experience. Our markers (ie: paintball guns) shoot “z-balls,” which are tightly compressed foam balls that fly just like the more traditional paintballs. So…there is not actual paint!

These “z-balls” are splat-less, thereby no mess. Don’t be fooled though…these do sting a bit when you get hit. The sting might not be quite as noticeable as traditional outdoor paintball, but you will certainly know when you get hit! If you are new to the whole paintball thing and worried you might destroy your clothes or wake up with welts, indoor paintball at G-Force might just be a fantastic starting point.

Here are some of the other key differences: At G-Force, you don’t have to bring anything, buy any equipment or prepare in any way. Just don’t wear open toed shoes! We provide all the markers, suits and facemasks you need to enjoy an intense challenge.

For those of you who are avid paintball enthusiasts, pay close attention: at G-Force, you don’t have to bring any paint!. Thereby, your cost to play year round is so much less than elsewhere. You are welcome to bring your own equipment, and if you are a G-Force member, you actually pay less if you do so.During the winter months, come train and practice indoors at G-Force, at a reasonable price. Plus, we offer unlimited nights! Bring your team or your crew, have a blast and tune up for peak season.

We are certainly woman and child friendly also, so don’t worry if you’ve never played before. When you jump in the arena, we have you masked up, suited up and ready for action, but know that you won’t get hurt and its completely safe. But make no mistake, bring that killer instinct!

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Challenge yourself, your group, or company to an amazing event with an action packed session. We offer three main challenges:

“Capture the Flag”


With birthday parties and corporate events, we are happy to customize your experience for what your group wants most. We have all the equipment ready for you to play. If you have your own equipment we can check it and allow you to play also.

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We know you will love your experience at the G-Force paintball arena in Richmond VA . More questions? Please read our indoor paintball FAQ.

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*Please note that participants must be at least 10 years of age to play paintball.