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Unlimited Racing Nights at G-Force Karts are Back!

We’re all about listening to customer feedback to improve the ultimate racing experience. That means when you ask, we deliver. Every single time! So, on that note, we’re happy to announce… back by popular demand: Unlimited Racing Nights at G-Force Karts!

Unlimited Racing Nights at G-Force Karts

Here’s the deal: we’re all about making sure you guys have a great time when you’re up here. Every turn, every straightaway, every deal and every special is carefully constructed from feedback from our racers.

So when we get that feedback, we cherish it. The feedback we’ve overwhelmingly received is: that you guys want much more racing… and that’s all we needed to hear! Check out this deal:

Every Wednesday night, from 6p to 9p, you can race as much as you like for just $55. That means unlimited laps, unlimited heats, unlimited adrenaline, and unlimited fun! The only caveat is that you can’t combine this deal with other offers, and can’t split the races with anyone. Pretty standard stuff.

This was always one of our most popular deals with our hardcore crowd at the old track, and we’re happy to hook them up again at the new track.

Speaking of the new track, that’s somewhere else we’re continually improving! Check out one of our newest blogs to see the new track in all of its glory, and if you haven’t been here since we opened, some of our tweaks!

Oh, and one more thing: we’ve made a few other changes to our everyday bundle pricing as well, so we suggest you head on over to the Deals and Specials page and take advantage!

Questions? Get in Touch!

Look, the deal is pretty simple – $55 gets you 3 hours of unlimited racing on Wednesdays. The only question you should really have is, who’s coming with you?

However, we’re always happy to answer any and all other questions you have. Just give us a call at 804-228-0188, send us a message on Facebook, or fill out our contact form online.

Have (unlimited) fun, racers!