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Richmond’s Only Indoor Paintball Experience

Richmond’s Only Indoor Paintball Experience… feedback thus far

So far, so good! We just launched Richmond’s only indoor paintball arena at G Force just a few weeks back, and our feedback thus far has been extremely positive. We’ve listened to your feedback and continue to make improvements every step of the way, to bring you the most gripping experience possible. Richmond’s only indoor paintball experience is off and rolling, and people are loving it!

Our arena is set up for beginners, casual players and adrenaline junkies who might not have their own gear (although if you do, you are certainly welcome to bring it, and will even see a discount.)  However, regardless of your level of engagement with the sport, you will find out just why paintball is so popular nationwide.

People ask us all the time… do the paint balls hurt? Yes, just a little – and they may leave a little mark when you get hit. However, they are perfectly safe for use and will never cause any lasting damage as long as you follow the proper safety procedures.  We do offer suits for anyone not interested in taking a little punishment, which are 100% safe. If you wear one of these suits, you will not end up with bruises, welts or anything like that.

Many of our die hard karting members are finding their way over the new paintball arena, and they are loving it!

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Check out our paintball FAQ page for more details, or call us at 228-0188 to learn more!  Hope to see you soon!