G-Force Karts

Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 12-8pm

Views from the New Track

It’s been a few months since we opened our awesome new outdoor racing track at the Richmond Raceway Complex, and we’ve had an absolute blast so far! The track is much longer, then karts are faster, and the overall racing experience is better. Our launch hasn’t been without a few speed bumps (we’re looking at you, weekend rainstorms), but in all we’d have to call it a success.

As they say, though: pictures and videos are worth a thousand words. Check out some views from the new track below!

VIP Night Hype Video

Before we closed our old location, we had a fun contest: the top 100 fastest racers in the final month before we moved would earn themselves a free VIP night at the new track.

As you can see, these guys loved the new experience. These folks are our die-hards… the guys you will be challenging month-in and month-out for the fastest lap times. So if you wanna go fast? Be like them!

Pictures from the track

Track updates/What’s to Come

As always, we place a very high value on the feedback from our racers. We’ve been listening, and it’s been invaluable so far for improving the new track. Since opening, we’ve updated our hours (see the new hours here) and relaunched everyone’s favorite special, 3 for $39 on Thursdays. The experience will continue to evolve. We have plans to reveal new experiences and accommodations when the time is right.

The New Track is a Huge Hit!

As you can see, the experience is much different these days! However, it still maintains what you’ve come to love G-Force for and that’s an authentic, adrenaline pumping, ultra-high speed racing experience.

If you haven’t checked out the new track yet… what are you waiting for? Come down, get to practicing, and then set your new personal best lap times!

Questions about the new experience? Get in touch! You can reach us on Facebook, contact us online, or just give us a ring at 804-228-0188!