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League Night!

**The 2018 League Racing Season is Over!**

League Night at G-Force Karts is crazy intense!

League Night

This event features a great deal on racing and an awesome, fair, and competitive race format. Be sure to sign up next season!

Final Adjusted Points Standings!

Position Racer Name Points
1 tom SK 1225
2 Kris Thomas SK 1215
3 john SK 1180
4 Jack Meeker SK 1165
5 Skippy SK 1115
6 Arcus Cloud SK 1110
7 Cousincarl 1090
8 Derrick Self- sk 915
9 Bandit SK 905
10 Torp SK 900
11 Paul Austin SK 875
12 Flying 2 SK 550
13 James Stewart SK 445
14 jake-SK 430
15 Patriot SK 415
16 Jonah SK 330
17 Green Machine SK 275
18 Jd76 260
19 Mike Wazowski … 240
20 GSRacing SK 190
21 K3 SK 185
22 Thomas-SK 175
23 winner 155
24 Racer 04 X SK 150
25 DrFrisker SK 135
26 Tj SK 135
27 Jacob C SK 110
28 Mr-_-Khan 105
29 JOwen SK 105
30 OldGoat5 105
31 DessB SK 105

The winner of this competition can truly call themselves #TheFastest!

The Details:



  • $50 (paid ahead of time, $55 paid night of) for 3 special format races.

Racing Format

League night features a balanced and exciting competition format. We’ve set it up this way to ensure that it’s the driver, not the kart, that is #TheFastest!

  • Drivers are assigned a kart through a random drawing
  • Each driver will enter their karts and run a 25 lap practice and qualifying race that will determine starting position
  • Drivers line up in staggered positioning for a standing start
  • The race starts and they run 25 laps to the finish
  • Winner is determined by position not best lap
  • At the end of first race, drivers pull into the pits for a 5 min break
  • Drivers invert karts based on final position in the second race
  • Each driver’s finishes in the two competition races are averaged to determine the winner!

As you can see, it’s going to be competitive!

Remaining League Night Dates

This season is over!  Keep an eye out for the details regarding the next season!

Sign Up For League Night

If you’re interested in joining us on the third Thursday of each month for League Night, get in touch! We need a minimum of 7 pre-registered, pre-paid racers each week for league night, and we ask that you sign up as far ahead of time as possible so that we can plan ahead. You can do so by getting in touch with G-Force at 804-228-0188 during normal business hours, by contacting us online, or by messaging us on Facebook. We prefer a call though, and pre-payment saves you $5!

We look forward to relaunching league night, and we look forward to finding out who is #TheFastest!