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Laser Tag at G-Force!

With all the hype we’ve had recently over our new super karts, we hope you guys haven’t forget about our killer laser tag arena! G-Force is still the best place to play laser tag in richmond!

So…you know what laser tag is, right? Of course you do. Here’s how laser tag works at G- Force:

First, we start in the briefing area. We’ll get you schooled up on the rules and regulations, how to use the laser tag gun, and how to get the most points so you can dominate.

Then, you decide whether you prefer to play a team challenge or a “free for all” challenge, AKA every man/woman for themselves.

Next, we charge the armory, where you’ll equip your laser tag pack. Our packs are red and blue, and each has a specific name. PAY ATTENTION TO THE NAME – its how you’ll know your stats and if you won/lost after your challenge is complete.

After a few last safety checks, the Marshal will release you into our laser tag arena, where the carnage begins!

Our laser tag arena is a two story jungle themed adventure, with plenty of sniping spots and mirrors for those of you who know how to use ‘em. Learn more about our lasertag facilities here.  Visibility is scarce inside the arena – we blast fog throughout the arena to limit how far away you can see…which only adds to the intensity. With all the blind spots and hidden corners, you’ve got to keep your eye out for the shine of your enemy’s packs. Stay mobile, stay alert, and you’ll get through the match!

Once the match is over, an alarm will sound, calling you back to the Marshal. Head into the briefing room, and the marshal will hand out your personalized scorecard! Your scorecard will contain your rank within the match, which team won, and your stats. If you do well, be sure to save that, scan it, post it online, etc. If you don’t, pretend you lost it  You won’t want your friends to know just how poorly you performed.

The final step…repeat and improve!

For more information on laser tag pricing (and karting/NERF/archery tag pricing), view our pricing page

Join Us for the most fun Laser Tag in Richmond!

Questions about the best laser tag in Richmond at G-Force? Interested in booking a party or event involving laser tag, contact us online or call us at 804-228-0188!