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Indoor Paintball is here!

You’ve seen the social media status updates…you might have received a few emails.  By now, you probably realize that we’re launching Richmond’s only Indoor Paintball arena!

We (and by we, we really mean Jason) spent a while tearing down the massive inflatable setup, to make room for paintball.  Now…its time to get in the game.

At first glance, converting the inflatable arena into a paintball arena might seem like a fairly obvious fit, being that we also offer high speed go  karting and lasertag.  You’d be right in thinking so.  In fact, for some time, our die hard karting members have asked us if we could convert that inflatable area into something a bit more exciting…something that an adrenaline junkie might appreciate. Enter paintball.

We’ve partnered up with and old friend (lets just call him “Mr. Rey”) who might know a thing a two about paintball, and created Richmond only indoor paintball experience.

So, what is the differene between outdoor paintball and indoor paintball? If you are not familiar, indoor paintball is played very similarly to outdoor paintball, in that we play challenges like “Capture the Flag,” “Elimination” and “Center Flag.” However, there are certainly some major differences.

The main and most apparent difference is that we play with “reballs” or “Z Balls,” which are tightly compressed foam balls.  They do not explode like outdoor paintballs.  This means no mess, no paint in your hair.  This also makes it possible for us to play this indoors all year round, all the time. They do sting a bit if you don’t wear the protective gear, but not as much an outdoor paintball.

In addition, you don’t have to bring your own equipment (you certainly can), plus you don’t have to buy your own paintballs every time you play at G Force.  We include rental of a paintball marker (gun), mask, reballs, suit and everything you would need to play with each session you purchase.

While this is just our first post about indoor paintball…trust us: we are just getting started!

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Click here to learn more about our some FAQ’s for our indoor paintball, or call us at 228-0188.