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How to Clean A Paintball Marker

Take a look at G-Force’s guide on how to clean a paintball marker!

How to Clean a Paintball Gun

You may consider cleaning your paintball marker one of the more boring tasks when it comes to paintball. However, it may be one of the most important things you do. Keeping your paintball marker clean and well-kept can make all of the difference out on the field. Having your gun jam or shooting inaccurately can only lead to catastrophe for you and your team.

What is exactly the best way to clean your paintball marker? Below, we’ve outlined a step by step guide that easily outlines and breaks down the steps in cleaning a paintball gun.  A small disclaimer before we begin… These are general guidelines to follow; each gun is made differently and may require unique/different steps to clean your gun. If your owner’s manual says something different than what is listed below, then follow those directions. We don’t want you messing up your gun and having more expenses because of our blog post.  This is just a helpful guide.

The good news is the process and necessary steps to thoroughly clean your paintball marker and getting your equipment “battle ready” are simple and easy to follow. For the cleaning process, you will need the following material:

  • Pull through squeegees
  • Swabs (toothbrush or q-tips are fine)
  • Oil & lube- based on manufacturer recommendations.
  • Paper towels
  • Warm water.
  • Allen Keys or tools for disassembly.

Make sure you have all your tools ready and at you side before you begin cleaning so you can complete this process without delaying your time away from the field.

Step One: Remove CO2 or Air Tank

Like all things with paintball, safety first. The first thing you do before anything else is remove your CO2 or Air tank. This will prevent any miss-fires and any injuries which could cause a serious injury for yourself or anyone around you. Most guns have an ASA lever to degas the gun.

Step Two: Disassemble the Paintball Gun

You will want to get ahold of your gun’s schematics, and then follow how to disassemble your paintball gun. You want to make sure that you are properly removing and reassembling all of your paintball marker’s parts. You can find your schematics in the instruction manual that came with your paintball marker or on a separate paper that came with your box. If you have misplaced the schematic, check the manufactures website. You can often find it through a little searching online.
Once you have your schematic or if you are confident in your ability to move on without it, begin removing the parts of the gun. You will want to remove the hopper, barrel, bolt, hammer/striker, and the grip frame. Then place them all neatly to the side so you are sure not to misplace anything. Keep the fasteners next to the part of your gun they go to.  So that you don’t forget what fasteners go where if you haven’t taken it apart several times.

Step Three: Begin Cleaning the Barrel of the Paintball Gun

Now that you have properly disassembled all of your guns parts, you are now ready to begin the cleansing process! We’ll begin with the barrel.
Start by running the pull through squeegee through the barrel of the gun. This will grab any excess paintball residue that could keep your gun from shooting accurately and jamming. Once you have run the squeegee through, dampen a paper down with warm water and wipe down the barrel. Then lastly get a dry paper towel and make sure the barrel is thoroughly clean and dry. Giving it a nice clean sparkle and making it ready for each session.

Step Four: Clean the Body of the Marker

With all the inside parts of your gun removed; you can start cleaning the body of the gun. If your gun allows you to run a squeegee through the gun (your manual will tell if you can or cannot) then do so. Then follow that by using a q-tip or a toothbrush with warm water to clean the hard to reach places. This is essential for making sure your gun is fully scrubbed of anything that can cause jamming. Then follow up with wiping the body down with a dry paper towel to make sure everything is completely dry before moving on.

Step Five: Thoroughly Clean the Grip Frame

For the fifth step, we are going to want to clean the grip frame. It will be essential to clean out any dried paint or any other debris; we can use a toothbrush or q-tip for this process. A word of caution: do not take apart the trigger assembly. This can become very difficult to re-assemble and really mess up your gun. After carefully cleaning and inspecting the grip frame, you are ready to move on to the sixth step.

Step Six: Clean the Bolt and Hammer/Striker

Now, for this step you are going to want to take your bolt and hammer/striker and very carefully use a paper towel to clean every part it. It will be essential to make sure that every piece of it dries thoroughly. While you have these parts out, examine the o-rings on both components carefully. Look for wear marks and damage to the O-rings.  Wear is common and there is a range of wear that is acceptable on most paintball guns. Learn to monitor this so you know when it is time to change your -rings out.

Step Seven: Inspect the Paintball Gun for Damages

Here you will want to look your gun over for anything that may need fixing or replaced. Start with any o-rings that are cracking, dry or just look like they need replaced.  Your o-rings play a major role in your gun performing up to its full potential. They keep your precious CO2 or Air sealed in. Without them, you stand no chance to compete in any match. Next, you can look at the internal parts of your gun and see if things like the springs are still straight, or if any of the screws need replaced. If something looks like it may need replacing or fixed, it is often better to play it safe and go ahead and take care of it. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the match and your paintball gun breaks on you.

Step Eight: Oil and Lubricate the Paintball Gun with Paintball Oil

After you have carefully examined your gun through and through and cleaned every part very cautiously. Begin to carefully oil and lubricate the paintball gun with paintball oil. It is important to ONLY use paintball oil here. If you use another type of oil, you run a good chance of damaging your gun. As always, use what the manufacturer recommends.
Be sure to lube the o-rings with the paintball oil or silicone. To do this, make sure the entire o-ring is lightly covered in the paintball oil.

Step Nine: Carefully Reassemble the Paintball Marker

Now that your entire paintball gun has been thoroughly cleaned, you are ready to reassemble it for the next session. Follow the schematic that you used to take it apart to reassemble all of the parts in the proper place.
Having a clean paintball gun for your paintball match and experience is essential for your survival. Follow these easy steps, and you will have your gun ready for each session, and ready to crush any competition in no time.
Do remember, however… each piece of paintball equipment is different.  If you have any specific questions about your paintball marker, how to clean it or how different brands vary, our crew here at the G-Force are here and willing to help you out.
For a more generic inquiry about the indoor paintball experience at G Force, visit our paintball FAQ page, contact us online, or give us a call at (804) 228-0188!