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Gasoline Karts: The Authentic Racing Experience!

If you are reading this, you probably already know that G-Force Karts is known throughout Richmond for our incredibly fast, gas-powered outdoor karting experience!

What you might not know is why we run gasoline powered go karts, in comparison with the option of running electric go karts.  Just like with your automobile, there can be a substantial difference in how a gas kart vs. electric kart rides, feels, performs and lasts.  With top Kart speeds of up 55 miles per hour, all of our huge fleet of gasoline powered karts will truly test your ability to skillfully navigate a well oiled machine around an outdoor race track laced with hairpin turns! That being said, both gas and electric karts are, without question, tons of fun. However, for us, there are some key sticking points as to why, just like the big boys in Nascar or IndyCar, we choose to run gas powered karts!

The Authentic Racing Experience with Gas Karts

If you’ve ever slammed down on the gas pedal and heard the engines rumble and roar, you know how authentic a gasoline powered machine is to drive. There’s just something about the vibrations, the sound and the smell of a gasoline powered racing machine that you just can’t replicate! When you feel the starter pull that cord to start your engine, and you’re waiting to hit the track, your body is shaking as the engine rumbles.  If you didn’t know already, you know right then and there that you’re in for an intense racing experience.  On the flip side, when you’re walking off the track with your hands still shaking from feeling the motor’s vibrations, you picture how Nascar drivers must feel after 500+ laps! You just can’t fake the funk man.


NO Charging!

At G-Force, you’ll never have to wait for someone to plug in one of our gas karts in order to race.  If you are waiting to get on the track (as the anticipation is building!), you’ll be waiting on other people to race… not on the karts to charge. While electric karts have made significant strides in the last few years, we certainly still feel that gasoline powered karts provide the most authentic and intense racing experience. Electric karts are certainly fun. However, since they are in constant need of charging, the longer, more intense style of racing action of an Enduro or Ironman race is something only G-Force karts can offer here in Richmond.

Experience the Thrill of Racing in Gas Karts!

With 17+ years of outdoor karting here in Richmond, we’ve learned how to keep our entire fleet in tip-top shape! Plus, our karts are always ready to race, meaning you’ll never wait on a recharge. We truly pride ourselves in offering nothing but the authentic racing experience, from our activities, to our rules and regulations, to our indoor track and fleet of karts.  While we certainly endorse and appreciate any indoor karting facility and experience, we know from more than a decade of indoor racing in Richmond, VA… if you want the real deal, you need to Experience The Thrill of Racing at G-Force Karts!

Contact G-Force Karts online or call us at (804) 228-0188 with any questions about gasoline powered vs. electric powered go karts, or to talk about our track, racing facility and more!