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Go Kart Racing

Our 1/4-mile indoor go kart track in Richmond, VA is a race course that twists and turns throughout our facility, allowing drivers to use their skills to outmaneuver their competitors.

There are many advantages to indoor karting. The environment can be controlled on the racetrack, which allows drivers to have safer fun! Our go kart track is concrete and specially prepared, so the kart will have approximately 1.5 G’s of grip. No rain, snow, or wind will tamper with your racing speed or braking abilities like it would outdoors. Yellow caution lights highlight the indoor go kart racing track to signal race mishaps and the ends of races.

Our state-of-the-art facility features a computerized timing system that tracks each go karts’ lap times. Sessions can include up to 10 racers and last 8 minutes. Each racer receives a printout of their race performance, which includes the number of laps, lap times, average lap time, heat ranking, and overall ranking of the day.

We’ve designed our track to challenge both the hard-core racing members and newbies alike. Our indoor track layout features a 325-foot long straightaway on its backside, making it the fastest track in Virginia! Test your skills after the straightaway with two hairpin turns on a “horseshoe” curve!

At G-Force Karts, we offer four different levels of karts to make sure you’re racing with racers of equal skill level. Depending on your qualifications, you have the option of choosing from Adult Karts, Super-Karts, Junior Karts and Two-Seater Karts.

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