G-Force Karts


Hours: Tu-Th 5p-10p   /  Fri Noon-Midnight   /  Sat 10am-Midnight  /  Sun Noon-9p

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Our 1/4-mile indoor track in Richmond, VA is a road course that twists and turns throughout our facility, allowing drivers to use their skills to out maneuver their competitors.

The track is concrete and is specially prepared, so the kart will have approximately 1.5 G’s of grip. Yellow caution lights highlight the track during mishaps on the track and the end of the races.

Our state-of-the-art facility features a computerized timing system that tracks each karts lap times. Sessions can include up to 10 racers and last 8 minutes. Each racer receives a printout of their race performance: number of laps, lap times, average lap time, heat ranking, and over all ranking of the day.

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We’ve also recently modified the track layout! Our new layout features a long straightaway on the back side of the track (for maximum speed), followed by a “horseshoe” with two hairpin turns! This new track layout is actually longer and thereby our new super-kart qualifying time is slightly higher then before (it is now 27.8 seconds)…even though you get maximum speed with this long straightaway!

We’ve designed our track to challenge both the hard core racing member and newbies alike, and we do our best to make sure you land in a heat with racers of equal skill level.

Check out our NEW Layout!

New Track Layout