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Save HUGE On Karting – Holiday Fire Sale 2016!

November 28, 2016

The best deal of the year on karting, paintball and laser tag is HERE! Take full advantage of our annual “Holiday Fire Sale,” with ridiculous savings on our activities!

Every year, right around Thanksgiving, our customers start asking about the Fire Sale. Since we started this awesome deal, it’s been a favorite… and for good reason! With huge savings on karting, paintball and laser tag, it’s a hit. Interested? Keep reading!

 holiday fire sale

Huge Discounts on Racing

If you can’t get enough of the authentic, gas powered, high-intensity, white knuckle racing experience at G-Force Karts, this deal is for you! We offer two fire sale deals for karting, each with incredible value:

14 races for $99: You read that right! A normal race at G-Force Karts for non-members is $22, so this deal represents savings of $209 total! If you’re a racing enthusiast (or you love someone who is), this is the perfect gift!

Click here to purchase the 14 races for $99 Fire Sale Deal

5 Races for $50: While the best value is in the 14 race package, you’re still saving a ton of money and getting a great deal with our 5 for $50 deal. In fact – you’re saving $60! If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, the 5 for $50 special is perfect….

Click here to purchase the 5 races for $50 Fire Sale Deal

Save on Paintball and Laser Tag

G-Force Karts is known statewide as the most authentic indoor karting experience. Of course, we love that! However, we don’t stop there!

Crazy fast and intense experiences in our indoor paintball arena plus or tactical laser tag experience (with all new equipment!) will have you coming back again and again. So of course we include these as part of our hugely popular Fire Sale as well:

10 Laser Tag Sessions for $49: What a steal! Pay just $49 for 10 sessions of our revamped laser tag experience, featuring a renovated arena and brand new, state-of-the-art laser tag equipment. This is a savings of $51!

Click here to purchase the 10 laser tag sessions for $49 Fire Sale Deal

10 Paintball Sessions for $49: our paintball sessions are so fast paced and so high-intensity, there’s no way you could play all 10 of these sessions in one visit to G-Force. Don’t worry though – you can redeem them whenever you want in 2017! At $49 for all 10 sessions, you’re getting a great deal… a $51 discount!

Click here to purchase the 10 laser tag sessions for $49 Fire Sale Deal

Buy Your Holiday Fire Sale Deals Now!

As you can see, these deals are hot. That’s why we call it the Holiday Fire Sale!

Keep in mind there are limited quantities of each deal available. Don’t be left in the cold! If you’re ready to purchase, click the links below each deal to buy your Holiday Fire Sale deal, or view all of our deals!

The Disclaimers: 

  • Fire Sale packages are available to purchase through Dec.31
  • All credits activate starting 1/01/2017
  • These deals are per person. IE – they cannot be split!

If you have any questions about the Holiday Fire Sale, contact us online or give G-Force Karts a call at (804) 228-0188! 

Corporate Party Ideas from G-Force Karts

November 6, 2014

This year, be the office hero: book a different kind of holiday/end of year corporate party! Forget the meat and cheese trays, the cheap drinks and the uncomfortable banter with your boss’s wife. Do something different! Do something memorable! Have fun!

Why Choose G-Force For Your Corporate Party?

For years, we’ve perfected the art of the perfect corporate team building event and the perfect birthday party. From huge office parties to small mom and pop team outings, we’ve got the space, the entertainment, the experience and the perfect setting to make sure this year’s event is like nothing you’ve ever done. (more…)


March 18, 2014

OH… you didn’t know? You better ask somebody!!! theGForceXP is for real!

The pure rush, intensity and excitement you feel when race, play paintball or lasertag at G-Force Karts in Richmond is an authentic and genuine experience unlike anything else! (more…)

Unlimited Racing! Unlimited Paintball!

November 12, 2013

We are proud to announce three “Unlimited” offers (one for unlimited racing and one for unlimited paintball)!  We’ve run unlimited karting for some time now, but not all of our customers know about these great deals.  On the flip side, we are just now launching unlimited paintball! See below for a quick breakdown of our special unlimited pricing specials: (more…)

Birthday Party Season at G-Force!

September 17, 2013

Summer is over for Richmond, and cold weather is just around the corner!  If you’re like many moms and dads, and you still have an upcoming birthday to plan, G-Force has a number of perfect ideas for Birthday Parties in Richmond! With RVA’s only indoor karting track, we’ve got the perfect facility for a cool-weather birthday! If you’d like to do more than just race, we’ve got Richmond’s only indoor paintball arena, plus a huge jungle-themed lasertag arena. (more…)

How to Clean A Paintball Marker

August 27, 2013

Take a look at G-Force’s guide on how to clean a paintball marker!

How to Clean a Paintball Gun

You may consider cleaning your paintball marker one of the more boring tasks when it comes to paintball. However, it may be one of the most important things you do. Keeping your paintball marker clean and well-kept can make all of the difference out on the field. Having your gun jam or shooting inaccurately can only lead to catastrophe for you and your team.

What is exactly the best way to clean your paintball marker? Below, we’ve outlined a step by step guide that easily outlines and breaks down the steps in cleaning a paintball gun.  A small disclaimer before we begin… These are general guidelines to follow; each gun is made differently and may require unique/different steps to clean your gun. If your owner’s manual says something different than what is listed below, then follow those directions. We don’t want you messing up your gun and having more expenses because of our blog post.  This is just a helpful guide. (more…)

Summer Birthdays at G Force Karts!

July 26, 2013

When it comes to summer birthday party ideas, look no further than G Force Karts! Summer is a perfect time to book your birthday party with us. Why?  Plain and simple: supply and demand.  Summer is slower for birthdays, so as a parent you are much more likely to be able to reserve exactly what you want, when you want…with less lead time!

During fall and winter, we are just slam packed with birthday parties all weekend, every weekend. Sometimes we end up opening early on the weekends just to accommodate demand.  Point being: summer is not quite as crazy, which is great for you! No standing in line outside at a hot amusement park, no “run of the mill” pool parties…just pure adrenaline, excitement and intensity! (more…)

Richmond’s Only Indoor Paintball Experience

July 11, 2013

Richmond’s Only Indoor Paintball Experience… feedback thus far

So far, so good! We just launched Richmond’s only indoor paintball arena at G Force just a few weeks back, and our feedback thus far has been extremely positive. We’ve listened to your feedback and continue to make improvements every step of the way, to bring you the most gripping experience possible. Richmond’s only indoor paintball experience is off and rolling, and people are loving it! (more…)

Indoor Paintball is here!

June 25, 2013

You’ve seen the social media status updates…you might have received a few emails.  By now, you probably realize that we’re launching Richmond’s only Indoor Paintball arena!

We (and by we, we really mean Jason) spent a while tearing down the massive inflatable setup, to make room for paintball.  Now…its time to get in the game. (more…)