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Corporate Party Ideas from G-Force Karts

November 6, 2014

This year, be the office hero: book a different kind of holiday/end of year corporate party! Forget the meat and cheese trays, the cheap drinks and the uncomfortable banter with your boss’s wife. Do something different! Do something memorable! Have fun!

Why Choose G-Force For Your Holiday Outing? 

For years, we’ve perfected the art of the perfect corporate team building event and the perfect birthday party. From huge office parties to small mom and pop team outings, we’ve got the space, the entertainment, the experience and the perfect setting to make sure this year’s event is like nothing you’ve ever done.

We’re offering “Holiday Specials” this year, so if you’re looking for an excellent corporate party, now is the time! Our corporate party specials includes two packages:

A: two races per person+food and drink

B:two races per person+one other activity (laser tag, indoor paintball or archery tag)+food and drink

Our flier below outlines our price points and specials this holiday season:

Corporate Party

We highly encourage those of you considering a corporate holiday party at G-Force to call Kim Yarema (our sales director) at (804) 901-1464 or to email Kim ASAP!  We only have so many hourly or nightly rentals we can offer, and this time of year our demand sky rockets for team building!

What’s New at G-Force in 2014? 

Many of our past clients aren’t aware of all the upgrades and continual improvements we’ve undertaken over the past year. Truth is, our facility has never delivered a more action packed, well planned and outstanding facility rental experience than right now.

Learn more about our corporate events!

In Summer 2013, we re-did our former “inflatable” arena, and transformed it into Richmond’s only indoor paintball! From our members to birthday parties to corporate rentals, everyone loves this indoor variation of paintball.

Just last week, we launched archery tag, which is like dodgeball with bows and arrows! In this game, you start with your bow, run and grab your arrow from a main quiver, and then work with you team to either shoot the other team or to knock out their target! Even though archery tag is brand new, people are loving it so far!

We also now sell beer, which is new as of this summer as well. Don’t underestimate how important a cold beverage can be at a corporate party, but remember: don’t be that guy. You know what we’re talking about! We encourage you to have a cold one, but only after you race or play paintball, archery tag or laser tag. Our indoor activities are intense and require some level of focus. Act like an adult.

So when you think about G-Force Karts, remember that we now offer so much more than just Richmond’s fastest and most authentic racing experience. With indoor karting, a huge jungle themed lasertag arena, Richmond’s only indoor paintball and now archery tag, we have an action packed and thrilling experience for every type of employee.

Create Your Own Adventure at G-Force Karts!

Can’t decide as to which holiday special best suites your corporate party needs? No worries! We are happy to walk you through the details, ask you a few questions, and customize a package that best suits your needs. We welcome the opportunity to make your holiday corporate party something you’ll never forget.

Call Kim at (804) 901-1464, email her, or fill out a corporate event request online to get started!

Birthday Party Season at G-Force!

September 17, 2013


Summer is over for Richmond, and cold weather is just around the corner!  If you’re like many moms and dads, and you still have an upcoming birthday to plan, G-Force has a number of perfect birthday party ideas to make your birthday party memorable and exciting. With RVA’s only indoor karting track, we’ve got the perfect facility for a cool-weather birthday! If you’d like to do more than just race, we’ve got Richmond’s only indoor paintball arena, plus a huge jungle-themed lasertag arena. (more…)

How to Clean A Paintball Marker

August 27, 2013


Although you may consider cleaning your paintball marker one of the more boring tasks when it comes to paintball, it may be one of the most important things you do. Having a clean and well-kept marker can make all of the difference out on the field. Having your gun jam or not shooting accurately can only lead to catastrophe for you and your team.

So… how do you clean your paintball marker? Below, we’ve outlined a step by step guide that easily outlines and breaks down the steps in cleaning a paintball gun.  A small disclaimer before we begin… These are general guidelines to follow; each gun is made differently and may require unique/different steps to clean your gun. If your owner’s manual says something different than what is listed below, then follow those directions. We do not want you messing up your gun and having more expenses because of our blog post.  This is just a helpful guide. (more…)

Summer Birthdays at G Force Karts!

July 26, 2013


When it comes to summer birthday ideas, look no further than G Force Karts! Summer is a perfect time to book your birthday party with us. Why?  Plain and simple: supply and demand.  Summer is slower for birthdays, so as a parent you are much more likely to be able to reserve exactly what you want, when you want…with less lead time!

During fall and winter, we are just slam packed with birthday parties all weekend, every weekend. Sometimes we end up opening early on the weekends just to accommodate demand.  Point being: summer is not quite as crazy, which is great for you! No standing in line outside at a hot amusement park, no “run of the mill” pool parties…just pure adrenaline, excitement and intensity! (more…)

The Paintball Pro Shop is live!

July 15, 2013


Our paintball pro shop is officially open for business!  We appreciate your patience as we’ve built out a completely new section of G Force…aka “Please pardon our dust.” It was all worth it!

Our indoor paintball pro shop is packed full of all sorts of new paintball equipment and safety gear you’ll need to perform at your best.  You asked for it, and we delivered.

If you buy your new paintball marker from G Force, you’ll also receive a free limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own that marker. We take care of our die-hards! (more…)

Richmond’s Only Indoor Paintball Experience

July 11, 2013

Richmond’s Only Indoor Paintball Experience… feedback thus far

So far, so good! We just launched Richmond’s only indoor paintball arena at G Force just a few weeks back, and our feedback thus far has been extremely positive. We’ve listened to your feedback and continue to make improvements every step of the way, to bring you the most gripping experience possible. (more…)

Indoor Paintball is here!

June 25, 2013


You’ve seen the social media status updates…you might have received a few emails.  By now, you probably realize that we’re launching Richmond’s only Indoor Paintball arena!

We (and by we, we really mean Jason) spent a while tearing down the massive inflatable setup, to make room for paintball.  Now…its time to get in the game. (more…)