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G-Force Karts: Richmond’s Perfect Rainy Day Getaway!

February 23, 2019

This time of year can be a drag. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, and Valentine’s day have come and gone, and all that’s left is the cold and the rain. Fortunately, you don’t have to let it get you down! G-Force Karts offers the perfect, all natural, rain-free, remedy for Richmond’s Rainy Day blues… a shot of adrenaline, straight to the veins!

Indoor, High-Speed Racing, Laser Tag, Arcade, NERF, and More!

G-Force has a ton of great activities, for adrenaline junkies of all ages… and our entire facility is fully indoors! Bring your kids, bring your date, and bring your skills, because everyone has something to do at G-Force.

Karting: indoor karting track features the fastest and most authentic (gas-powered karts only!) racing experience in Richmond.

Laser Tag: A tactical, exciting shooting experience featuring awesome weapons and gear – no lugging around heavy packs and clunky laserpistols in our arena!

Arcade: We’ve got a great variety of the classic arcade games, and plenty of ways to earn tickets for in-house prize redemption. Great for downtime in between laser tag matches and heats!

NERF: Ever wanted to have a full-on NERF war with your buddies? Now you can! Our NERF arena features an arsenal of NERF weapons to choose from. A kid’s favorite!

Archery Tag: Skill and precision dominate in archery tag, which plays a bit like dodgeball. With real bows and arrows (foam tipped and completely safe), you’ll have to channel your inner archer to come away with a win.

Food and Drink:¬†We have an in-house traditional pizza oven, kitchen, fully stocked fridge, soda fountain, and beers (both craft and domestic). Whether you’re thirsty or hungry (or just celebrating a victory!), we’ve got you covered.

Escape Richmond’s Rainy Day Blues – Get Up to G-Force Karts!

So, think of G-Force the next time you’re stuck with a rainy day here in Richmond…. or really any time you want to have a bunch of fast paced fun!

Questions? Want to know more? Just get in touch! Call us at 804-228-0188, follow us on Facebook, or contact us online!

Experience The Thrill of Racing” at G-Force Karts!

G-Force Karts is the Best Birthday Party Idea!

March 16, 2017

Birthday Party IdeaIf you’re looking for the best birthday party idea for your kids in Richmond, you’ve come to the right place! G-Force Karts prides ourselves on offering the absolute best birthday party experience in the city. With our huge selection of unique, challenging, and down right fun activities, there’s something for kids of all ages! Keep reading to find out why we think having your kid’s birthday at our place is an awesome birthday party idea!

A Huge Selection of Fun Activities

G-Force isn’t just a kart racing track. We pride ourselves on offering the best entertainment experience possible to the widest audience imaginable! That’s why G-Force offers 5 exciting activities to choose from, including:


Our most popular attraction, and for good reason! Our high-speed karts fly around our tightly tuned racetrack at speeds you didn’t think possible! After the race, you’ll receive full printouts of your lap times so you can crown a birthday winner!

Laser Tag

We’ve revolutionized our laser tag experience, and there’s really only one word we can use to describe it: AWESOME! We have brand new, state of the art equipment and stat tracking that will make your birthday party idea the best ever!

Archery Tag

If you’re looking for something a little slower paced and less competitive, but more strategic and just as fun, Archery tag is for you! Played like dodgeball, this is a great choice for younger kids and smaller groups.

and our newest experience… NERF!

NERF at G-Force has blown up! If you remember those NERF battles you had as a kid, you’ll know how fun they can be. Well, we took it to the next level! We have a huge arsenal of NERF guns and an unlimited supply of darts and ammo, as well as a great indoor arena to wage your NERF war in.

Great Combination Packages

These all sound pretty great, right? They are! Each and every activity at G-Force is a total blast. That’s why we don’t make you choose just one! Head over to our Birthday Party Pricing and Packages page to see all of the options you have for your big birthday party at G-Force!

A Private Party Room

Just as important as the activities is the down time to celebrate the big day. It just wouldn’t be a good birthday party idea if we didn’t offer you a place to open some gifts and eat some cake. That’s why, with all birthday party packages, we offer exclusive use of our private birthday party room!

PS – We can also provide food and drinks on request!

It Sounds Like a Great Birthday Party Idea, Right? Don’t Wait!

Birthday parties at G-Force are awesome. The downside is, in order to make each birthday party special, we have limited availability! If this sounds like a great birthday party idea to you, don’t hesitate – head on over to the Birthday Party Request page and book your date today!