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Archery Tag is coming to G-Force!

Archery Tag is Coming to G-Force

At G-Force Karts, we constantly evolve our business in order to offer the most exciting, adrenaline packed and unique entertainment activities in Richmond.  Whether you’re a racing fanatic, a NERF marksman, or a lasertag adventurer, there’s a thrill for you at G-Force! Today, we are super excited to announce that Archery Tag is Coming to G-Force!

Here’s How to Play

So what is Archery Tag? Simply put, it’s a high-octane take on dodgeball, and is very much what it sounds like.  Much like in your dreams, you get to shoot your friends with arrows. (note: The arrows are foam tipped and completely safe).

Archery Tag is Coming to G-ForceThe archery based battle takes place much like dodgeball, where two teams start on opposite sides of our indoor arena.  Once we say “GO!,” you run towards a bin stocked with arrows, and the madness beings. Each team vies to shoot the opposing players, and once you get hit…you move quickly to the side of the arena. With cover behind inflatable bunkers on both sides of the field, shots must be strategically placed in order to have an effect. You can also work with your teammates to target the enemy “base”.  The challenge ends when only one man (or woman!) is left standing, or the targets on the enemy base have been completely destroyed.  Simple right? Not so fast! In the spirit of dodgeball, if you catch an opposing arrow, you can tag back in one of your previously knocked out team mates, and the fun continues!

Safety First, Of Course!

Archery Tag® Arrows are 100% safe and absolutely non-painful when used with Archery Tag® Bows. We will not allow outside bows to be brought in or used.  We require players to wear safety equipment and follow safety procedures when playing Archery Tag. Participant safety at G-Force, whether behind the wheel or behind the mask, is a no-compromise affair!

Our Official Launch of Archery Tag

Hang tight. We’ve ordered all our bows and arrows, and will test all the equipment in the coming weeks to make sure we are 100% ready to launch.  Once we are ready, we will make an announcement and let the games begin!  We plan to roll out Archery Tag leagues and might even run “Unlimited Nights” for Archery Tag, depending on how intense our demand is during the week.

As always, if you have questions about how to play Archery Tag or if you are interested in talking about an upcoming birthday party or corporate event involving Archery Tag, contact G-Force Karts online or call us at (804) 228-0188. Experience the Thrill of Racing (and now Archery Tag) at G-Force Karts, Richmond’s elite entertainment venue. We’re excited that Archery Tag is Coming to G-Force!