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Announcing our “Member’s Breakfast,” Every Saturday!

January 21, 2014

There is nothing more important to us at G-Force than our members!

Over the last 12 years,  we’ve built our indoor karting, lasertag and (new) indoor paintball business on the continued growth and support of our loyal members.  The least we can do is show you all how much we value your business and your commitment to G-Force!

You Spoke. We Listened.

So…we did some surveying, sent out some emails, and asked some questions via our G-Force Facebook page, and then did something really hard… we listened to you!

From what we heard from our members, you all wanted a special event for members only, where you knew the track was not booked with our birthday parties, corporate events or other special reservations… something you could count on each and every week, where you knew you could race against mostly (or all) the same skilled racers.

So we put our brains together, tossed around some ideas, and came up with a special event and time for members only!

Member’s Breakfast Every Saturday

So here is what we came up with:

What: Member’s Breakfast

When: Every Saturday. We will open the track early from 10a-12n, for member’s only. No birthdays, no corporate events.  Shorter lines. Better rates.

Details: We will gladly provide free coffee and breakfast for our members, along with special pricing on your favorite indoor karting track!

Specials Race Pricing:

1 Race: $17

2 Races: $30

3 Races: $42

As with all of our special offers, these can not be combined with any other offers/packages.  In order to qualify for this special pricing each Saturday, you must purchase your races before 11:45 am.

Should you purchase a 3 race package and only race twice during that 2 hour period, you can race later that day, come back another time or apply the race credit to your account.

What else would you need to know? Free coffee and breakfast from G-Force, plus special pricing every Saturday morning… sounds pretty sweet!

New Memberships

Please know that if you don’t have a membership and come in early on a Saturday, you can buy a new membership that day and take advantage of the special race pricing.  While we don’t expect many new racers will do so, it’s only right that we offer this.  We don’t care if you’ve raced 10 times or 100 times (or more)… if you’re a member you’re a member.

Create a new membership account at G-Force.

Just keep in mind that if you do purchase a new membership and plan to race on a Saturday, you’ll race against some pretty experienced folks.  Generally, we do our best to pair up new members with new members, so it’s up to you if this makes sense for your skill level.  Don’t be surprised if you get lapped a few times!

If you have any questions, ideas, etc., please call us at (804) 228-0188 or contact G-Force online!

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