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Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 12-8pm

Off Road Racing Rules and Regulations

The G-Force Off Road Experience is here, and it’s a blast! However, safety always comes first at G-Force Karts, so there are some rules and regulations you MUST adhere to in order to race these powerful vehicles at G-Force.

Rules and Regulations

  • Each participant will need to listen to a briefing and interact with the briefer in reference to how these drive and what we expect of the customer.
  • The driver will have to complete the driving test through the back of the pits and not touch any of the tires or objects in the pits. Failure to maintain control of the vehicle in the initial driving test will result in the customer being issued a refund and not being allowed to race.
  • All drivers on the track who are stopped or removed will not be issued a refund for any reason. Drivers can also be held responsible for damage to the vehicle and this is stated in the waiver that will be signed. G-Force understands off road racing and activities.
  • All drivers need to remain within the tire barrier limit of the track. Any driver who drives outside the barrier area for any reason, will have their session ended.
  • We reserve the right for any junior 12 and older to not participate.
  • Any junior who does ride with an adult needs to ride with the direct parent or guardian of the junior. They need to keep their hands on the T-bar on the passenger side at all times.
  • Any driver or junior passenger placing their hand on any part of the roll bar assembly or outside of the vehicle will result in the vehicle being removed from the session.

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This is an amazing and fast off road adventure experience. Therefore, we expect drivers to treat it with the level of respect it deserves. They are responsible for their safety when they are in the vehicle, and we will hold them to that responsibility!

G-Force Karts (Off Road Racing Track)
5301 Richmond Henrico Tpk, Gate 13 Lot H
Richmond, VA 23222

If you have further questions or concerns, we’d love to speak with you! You can reach us by calling 804-228-0188, contacting us online, or sending us a message on our Facebook page.