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Off Road Racing FAQ

Off Road racing is here, and only at G-Force Karts!

We know you have questions…and we have answers:

Q: Where is the Off Road track?

A: We are on the grounds of the Richmond Raceway Complex, but in a different location than our main “High Speed Karting” track. 

You can find us  at:
G-Force Karts (Off Road Racing Track)
5301 Richmond Henrico Tunpike, Gate 13 Lot H
Richmond, VA 23222

Q: How can I contact you for questions or event bookings?

A: Call us at (804) 228-0188 for most inquiries, questions about Off Road Racing or to pre-book your time on the track. 

For corporate events, please call (804) 901-1464, email Kim directly or contact us online!

Q: What is the minimum age or height requirement to drive? 

A: The minimum age to drive is 16 years with a valid driver’s license. However, we reserve the right to deny racing privileges to any racer if they are not capable of handling the RZR. The minimum age to ride is 12 years old (see the next question below), but adults over 16 can not ride along.

Q: Can passengers ride along? 

A: Yes, but only children/teens age 12-15 years old. Adults 16 and over can not ride as passengers for our Off Road Racing experience. 

Q: Is there a safety briefing for Off Road Racing?

A: Yes, and it is extensive (especially the first time). For that reason we suggest you call ahead of time to let us know you are coming out, and plan accordingly.

Q: Should we call ahead to reserve our RZR race?

A: Absolutely, due to the safety briefing and training required. This will help make you experience as safe, on time and engaging as possible. 

Q: Is there a shuttle from the High Speed Karting track to the Off Road Track?

A: No – it is a separate location and you must drive there directly. 

Q: When will the new Off Road Racing track open?

A: We ARE OPEN now! What are you waiting for? Stop reading this website page and get to the track!

Q: What are your hours?

A: Here are our current operating hours – be sure to check here before heading up!

As of now, our Off Road track is not yet lit, so will not stay open past dusk.

Q: How fast will the RZRs go?

A: These things MOVE. 45-50mph depending on track conditions!

Q: What will you do when it rains?

A: We’ll have a blast! Our RZRs are rated for off road action, no matter the weather outside. For karts, be sure to call the Rain Line at (804) 362-2950!

Q: Can I bring my own 4×4? 

A: No, we supply all the RZRs and maintain them. 

Q: Will you have deals and specials?

A: Yes…but we have not announced any for Off Road racing yet.  Check our deals and specials page for updates on High Speed Karting deals. 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Click our pricing page link for all our pricing information. 

Q: Do I need to bring equipment?

A: No! We provide everything you need to race. We have brand new helmets and neck braces.

For clothes, please bring closed-toe shoes.

Q: Can I bring my own helmet?

A: Yes, as long as it is a full faced helmet. This protects your face better than an open face helmet with goggles, which is not allowed.

Experience a New Thrill! 

We’re excited about incredible new Off Road Racing experience here in Richmond, VA.

You know G-Force Karts always pushes the envelope…and Off Road is no exception!

If you have any more questions or would like to book at birthday party (adults 16+ only) or corporate team building event at our Off Road Racing track, please contact us online or call (804) 228-0188. 

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